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Sample Autobiographical Statement, MS Chemistry, Saudi Woman Applicant, Chemistry Teacher

My professional life has been fully devoted to chemistry for a very long time, even before I began studying towards my Bachelors Degree in Science Education in 1997, graduating from Princess Nora University in my native Saudi Arabia in 2001. I and have been working in education since that time, as both a Chemistry teacher and a school administrator. Chemistry has always been my first love and it will be the fulfillment of a most fond, lifelong dream for me to earn my Masters in Chemistry here in the United States at XXXXUniversity.

I have more than 12 years experience as both a Chemistry teacher and a school manager. More gifted and immersed in technology and communication than most of my colleagues, my role in administration has been primarily in terms of technical support, especially in the beginning, setting up and managing our schools’ computers and Internet-related resources, and teaching others how to do so, both students and colleagues.

In 2014, our family moved to the US as a result of my husband’s diplomatic position. Not long after my arrival, I threw myself into a full immersion experience in English in order to prepare to excel in graduate school. Perhaps most importantly, for the last decade, I have spent a great deal of time reading in my area of special interest, drug design, and I am now convinced that I have the maturity and intellectual foundation to excel in graduate school so as to be able to maximize my contribution for the balance of my professional life to both my profession and my society.                                                                                                   

My husband first left to live for the United States for two years of study when I was pregnant with our second child. Since that time and I found myself forced by my circumstances to shoulder levels of responsibility as never before. Now, here in the USA, I hope to learn as much as I can so as to also make my own professional contribution as a scientist, educator, and a Saudi woman.

If accepted to your especially distinguished Master’s Program in Chemistry at Howard University I will be able to earn my Master’s Degree and prepare for perhaps also earning the PHD in Chemistry, so as to continue to give my all to academics - after we return at some point to Riyadh. I look forward to decades of teaching and publication ahead of me to round out my autobiography in the most satisfactory and fulfilling way possible.

As an oil producing nation struggling to reinvest in a cleaner future for the Middle East and the world, I look forward to also working as a concerned citizen to do everything that I can to help preserve our natural environment, by encouraging investment in cleaner forms of energy. Chemists will have much to do with our capacity to achieve this in the future and I could not find the prospect of participating in these developments to be more fulfilling.

Since my arrival in America, I have been giving my all to my education in anticipation of my application to your Master’s Program in Chemistry at XXXX University. I have studied Intensive English for many months at both XXXX University and XXXX and I am convinced that I will now be able to perform at my highest level as a graduate student in your MS Program in Chemistry at XXXX University.

I thank you for considering my application.

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