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PHD Environmental Sciences, Canada

Born and raised in my native Iran, I came to Canada as a young adult and made Toronto my permanent home. Now a citizen of Canada, I hope very much to be accepted to your distinguished PHD Program in Environmental Sciences at the University of XXXX because it is one of the finest programs in the world in my area and the location could not be more convenient for me and my family. A highly skilled scientist with nearly two decades of experience, I have also distinguished myself for many years as a volunteer for a variety of causes most of which are related to my professional interests: environmental recycling, green cleaning, renewable energy, interior design and drawing, sport and nutrition, etc.

I very much look forward to learning from other doctoral students at UX as well as your distinguished faculty and I keenly anticipate participation in your most admirable diversity, as a woman from Iran and someone who is now as familiar with Europe as I am anywhere else. As a result of my extensive preparation, I feel strongly that I have much to contribute to your program and that I will be able to excel. I see earning the PHD in Environmental Sciences at the University of XXXX as the best way for me to make ongoing and lifelong progress towards meeting my central long term goals, making important contributions to the preservation of our planet and safeguarding public health, participating in the generation of increasingly progressive international policies with respect to protecting our planetary home and creating cleaner and more efficient products, resources, and services. I find myself drawn, in particular, to the high value sectors of technological advances in our field, such as sensors, high performance computing, and fine chemicals.

I could not be more heavily committed to a lifetime of research towards a better understanding of the most fundamental aspects of analytical, atmospheric and environmental chemistry including sea-surface microlayer, heterogeneous and air aqueous interface and the chemistry of aerosol and clouds with their effect on urban air quality - with special attention to inorganic and organic matter that is volatile and semi volatile.  These last few years in particular, I have been cultivating my leadership skills, working to prepare myself to lead teams of scientists on projects, as I am currently doing on a project dealing with network integration. I am also engaged at the moment with two cross-functional team projects; one with the experimental group and another with the theoretical/modelling group.

I have now completed a great deal of work and developed an extensive knowledge base in the area of air quality, especially griddled megadata, in both Canada and Germany. I am also highly experienced at implementing data analyses for various goals from meteorological measurements to ambient atmospheric gas and aerosols. (NetCDF, Shell Script, IDL, Python, MATLAB, Octave, and GITGraphic), Application (MSoffice, SigmaPlot, PAVE, Panoply, Gnuplot, Xconv, Xming, LaTeX, TeXstudio, AquaTerm, GraphClick), and Scientific Software (CMAQ, CMAQ-MADRID, SMOKE, MCIP, CAMx, AERMOD, CALPUFF, GOTM, E-AIM, Flexpart, MOCCA). I have also long cultivated a special focus on surface microlayer (SML) and the effect of SML on particles and aerosols. My most recent projects have been about SML and the interface between first layers of the atmosphere and hydrosphere. I analyze complex chemical and physical interaction using both laboratory studies and computer modeling techniques, especially microlayer software and the CMAQ air quality model. Finally, I am also experienced at field extraction in addition to spatial and temporal subsetting. I thank you for your consideration.

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