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Sample 1st Paragraph for the Master's Degree in Health Research Methodology

A woman from China who is most devoted to clinical epidemiology and has now been in Canada for the past 8 years, studying and gaining professional experience, I hope very much to earn my MSc Degree in your outstanding and highly unique Health Research Methodology Program at XXXX University. I see your program as the optimal springboard upon which I will be able to most fully realize my long-term ambition as a clinical epidemiologist, distinguishing myself, in particular, in the area of post-market surveillance of pediatric health products.

Sample of My Work for the Master in Research Degree, MS, MSc, MRes

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Masters of Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research Sample Personal Statement of Purpose

A professional photographer, my education so far is mostly in the areas of Cytogenetic Technology and Molecular Genetic Technology. I am especially proficient in setting up cultures for chromosome analysis on peripheral blood, bone marrow, and POC specimens. I have a long history of excellence in aseptic technique and I feel strongly that my background makes me a strong candidate for selection and admission to your distinguished Masters of Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research at XXXX University.

In August of 2016, I earned my BS Degree in Cytogenetic Technology at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. Previously, I had completed several graduate courses in Molecular and Cellular Medicine at the University of Arizona (2013-2014) where I also earned my EMT Certification in 2012 and my BS in Molecular and Cellular Biology in 2011. A very hard working laboratory professional, I have extensive experience in the Life Sciences and I am a co-author of an article published in the Journal of Molecular Cytogenetics. Completing your program will enable me to fulfill my long-term goal of serving as a clinical research manager or coordinator at a large hospital.

Since August of 2016, I have been serving as a Cytogenetic Technologist at XXXX University’s XXXX Medical Center. This position has enabled me to learn many valuable things about Clinical Research Management generally speaking, and has enhanced my interpersonal/soft skills. I have worked under stressful situations as an EMT and as much as I had time to do so, I went out of my way, in particular, to at least try and understand some of the worst-case-scenario patients that I encountered in the ambulance and later at the detox center, learning their case histories and trying to think of ways to help them.

My high level of motivation to complete your distinguished Master’s Degree Program in Applied Clinical and Preclinical Research at XXXX has been augmented still further by the deep tragedy to which my life has been subjected over the last few years, on a personal level. First, my fiancé collapsed dead from a pulmonary embolism just as I was getting started at the XXXX Center, which made it very difficult at first, handling her funeral and estate, as well as my grief at the same time that I was undertaking very challenging studies. XXXX, my academic advisor at the XXXX Center, helped me vent my sadness and keep going; cheering me up so that I could go on to excel in my studies and in the laboratory, where I threw myself totally, so as to escape my grief.

XXXX, one of the earlier pioneers in the field of Cytogenetics, was super intelligent. She had the ability to look at a cell you were stuck on and tell you in seconds which disease the patient was suffering from. I was close to Vicki and again tragedy struck me close to home as she also become ill and would be gone from a degenerative disease by the time that I finished the program. It was difficult watching someone at the top of their game and, in the course of a year, have difficulty opening a PowerPoint file. She tried to lecture and make herself available to all of us right up to the very end, continuing to give all she had to her students. I owe what I hope to achieve in the future to my advisor XXXX, the background, knowledge base, and the sharpened analytical insight. She taught me to dial back my linear thinking and examine the whole situation, constantly probing with ever-deeper questions.

Making Clinical Research Management my focus for the balance of my productive lifetime appeals to my appreciation of good design. Nothing pleases me more than taking on a project with a lot of moving components and interplay between various groups; and sewing it all together in an ethical and organized way. I particularly look forward to managing clinical trials related to Oncology (tyrosine-kinase inhibitors, etc). The amount of travel that will be involved, visiting the trial site, going to meetings, writing reports, appeals to me as an "always on the go" type of person. I fear that if I did not always stay very busy, I might slip into some kind of depression. I live for my career.

Community service is also central to my existence and I have done volunteer photography for non-profits and helped out with fundraising events, something that I look forward to continuing for many decades to come.

I thank you for consideration of my application to XXXX University.

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