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Statements of Excellence for Fellowship Programs

Fellowship Program Personal Statement Sample, Healthcare Administration

My decision to pursue a fellowship is driven by my desire to do something truly exceptional and to prepare myself for decades of professional service to come in healthcare administration. Fellowship programs in general, and the program at XXXX in particular, represent great opportunities for career advancement in terms of resources, support, and the building of extensive professional networks. I very much like the fact that XXXX is considered the gold standard when it comes to health care plans and providers and I would feel especially honored to be selected to serve on such a cutting-edge team of providers and researchers. As a member of the XXXX community, I very much appreciate the care that my family and I have received. It would be especially fulfilling to have the opportunity to demonstrate my appreciation for XXXX as a fellow, giving my all - 24/7 - to your especially distinguished institution.

I hope to bring a variety of well-honed, specific skills to the XXXX team as a fellow. Most recently, I have been earning a certificate in ambulatory operations as well as a green belt certificate in lean six sigma. My experience thus far, especially in my current position at a leading health care organization with a patient-centered delivery focus, will enable me to hit the ground running in your program and excel. I have been planning for this point in my career development throughout my adult life, first earning my BS in Health Administration and now completing my MHA at UXX this coming May of 2019. 

My central career objective following the completion of a fellowship is to take the excellence that I have learned through my experience gained at Kaiser and put it to work in healthcare administration for the balance of my professional life, gradually assuming increasing levels of executive responsibility. I see my professional role as not only an administrator but as an organizer and a promoter of the organization that I look forward to serving. I want to improve the face of healthcare by improving ongoing practices and creating sustainable, progressive change. I hope to develop a lifelong focus on operations and quality; and put my knowledge and experience to very good use as a fellowship recipient by contributing to important improvements in the quality of care patients receive for the balance of my professional lifetime. As a loyal administrator who puts my career first in my life, at some point I hope to attain a position as an executive leader in a health care organization on the cutting edge of progressive developments in American health care.

Both of my parents are Indians who immigrated from India to California where I was born and mostly raised. Thus, I consider myself to be fully Indian-American and California to be my home in the fullest sense. I have grown up traveling, however, with my father’s work taking us to Canada, Europe, and even the Middle East, as well as back to India. I began learning Spanish early on and was able to begin practicing on frequent visits to Mexico.

My Mother was diagnosed with autoimmune disease (a strain of lupus & pemphigus) in 2009. Prior to being diagnosed, she went in and out of hospitals/ doctor’s offices for years trying to figure out what was going on. We had Blue Shield insurance before, but one of the biggest reasons we switched to XXXX was because everything was in house and it did not take time to get approval for meeting specialists which is what my mom needed to do. As a result of XXXX, her autoimmune diseases are now under control and she is getting the right treatment she needs thanks to her dermatologist & rheumatologist at XXXX, among the finest doctors in the world.

I thank you for considering my application for a fellowship position with XXXX.

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Health Administration Personal Statement Example, Saudi Arabian Applicant

A young professional from Saudi Arabia, I like to think about the future and prepare for it, at the same time planning for what I hope will be my own central role as a health care administrator at the front lines of streamlining and upgrading our healthcare systems, infrastructure, and human resources - for many decades to come. I hope to be accepted to your competitive Healthcare Administration Fellowship at UXXX on the basis of my extensive preparation and my intense passion for the progressive advancement of global health care. A medical doctor in my own country, Saudi Arabia, I have also earned the MPH Degree from XXXX University and since September of 2014 I have been giving my all to my doctoral studies towards the DrPH Degree in Public Health and Epidemiology at UXXX.

Sample 1st Paragraph for the Army Congressional Fellowship Program, Latina Soldier with MBA

A career army professional, I am a Latina Soldier with an MBA and an American woman who has proudly served her country for 15 years in Germany, 2 years in Panama, 1.5 years in Bosnia, and more than one year each in both Iraq and Kuwait. Much of my work, especially later on, involved writing papers for briefings to higher command. I hope to be accepted to your competitive fellowship program on the strength of my profound passion for the goal of reducing the numbers of our veterans who find themselves homeless in America.

Sample 1st Paragraph for a Post-doctoral Fellowship Position in Nanotechnology

Now 38 years old and a permanent resident of Canada, I am an Indian man whose heart and soul has been fully dedicated to green nanotechnology for many years now. After completing my undergraduate work in Life Sciences complimented by earning an MBA in Marketing and Production, I decided that my true calling in life was that of a research chemist and engineer with a progressive environmentalist agenda. Thus, I went on to earn my MSc in Industrial Chemistry with a special research focus in the area of Polymers and then my PHD in Chemical Engineering with a special focus on nanotechnology. I feel that I am an excellent candidate for your fellowship program because I seek to devote the next 4 to 5 decades almost exclusively to the research and development of environmentally friendly and sustainable nanomaterials.

Sample 1st Paragraph Health Administration Fellowship Program

I am asking for admission to your program because I feel strongly that I have the drive, creativity, dedication, and leadership qualities that it takes to become an effective health care executive, even someday a CEO. My short term goal, therefore, is to put the MHA Degree that I am now finishing (September, 2013) to work. I see XXXX as a distinguished leader in our field and would be honored to have the experience of working on the cutting edge of training and advancement with XXXX.