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MA Educational Counseling, Multiculturalism

XXXX is my first choice for graduate school because it is the finest university anywhere near where I live. This is important because I am convinced that I will be able to excel partly as a result of the support of my family and social support base. Earning the Master’s Degree in Education Counseling simultaneously with the PPS Credential, in particular, attracts me to your program. I especially look forward to studying under Professor XXXX who focuses much of her energy on the study of multiculturalism, the area of educational research in which I hope to distinguish myself in the future.

My watershed moment as an undergraduate student occurred when I drafted a research paper adopting a comparative perspective in the analysis of several Asian cultures. I wanted to investigate how immigration journeys were both similar and different according to the homeland in question, Asians vs. Latinos for example. I had seen much in the literature about the latter and very little about the former. A large part of what I look forward to accomplishing in the future as a school counselor is helping students to achieve their dreams regardless of their ethnicity and background. A large majority of my students will be of a minority decent which is what makes me so excited to work in this field because I will be able to advocate for them and help them achieve something they possibly never thought was possible. I am ashamed of the fact that I cannot yet say that I have reached even an intermediate level in two of my greatest life quests, becoming fluent in both Spanish and American Sign Language.  I am only 21, however, and just now beginning to dream a little in both languages. What is most clear to me, is that I am in this for the long term for both Spanish and Sign Language; and this fills me with purpose and motivation to excel as an educator.

I started working and still work as a recreation leader in after school programs. I also helped at-risk junior-high-aged students with homework and engaging them in fun, interactive, and educational activities all while developing strong relationships with them in which they could confide in me about their personal lives and concerns. I began working as a summer school paraprofessional in 2017 where I am a teacher's assistant for a special education classroom. I help teach the students their specific goals and work with them to help develop their social and communication skills. Starting in the Summer of 2016 and continuing in the Summer of 2017 I also volunteered at my local hospital gift shop. For the summer of 2018, I hope to switch departments and start volunteering in the Mom and Baby Department.

In my current position as a Program Leader in the XXXX After School Programs, I interact with and supervise junior high aged students on a daily basis. I have come to develop great rapport with them and we are building trusting relationships. The greatest contribution I see myself being able to make would be to help students realize their potential, make their dreams come true, helping students find the educational and real-world pathway to reachable dreams. I want to help troubled youth, those involved in gang violence or general delinquency. I look forward to many decades to come serving as a HS guidance counselor noted for her dedication to school programs such as career day, college night, and a military day in which each branch of the military can come in and make informative presentations to the students. Along with being a HS guidance counselor I could also see myself working with troubled youth and local group homes on a voluntary basis, helping young people to work out their issues so that they have a chance to realize their potential.

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