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MA Political Science, European, African Woman

Your highly distinguished MA Program in Political Science at the XXXX European University if my first choice for graduate school because of the very progressive and creative nature of both your Political Science faculty and the university as a whole. An African woman who now lives in Denmark, I want very much to get to know Eastern Europe and to study the political issues of the day in this context. Eastern Europe as we all know is a link between Western Europe and my native Africa. Since I hope to learn as much as I can about the ongoing – and worsening – refugee crisis, I want to live, work, and study near the front lines of this crisis. I have my heart set on Budapest for many reasons, the culture and the arts among them.

I see the European refugee crises as the foremost social issue of my day, especially since I am an African woman residing in Europe. I am particularly looking forward to learning as much as I can from Dr. XXXX because of my profound admiration for her work in Political Communication.

To be frank, my purpose in seeking to earn a Master’s Degree in Political Communication is so that I will be able to work effectively to save lives, the lives of refuges – many of them children - from North Africa and the Middle East, those who are fleeing for their lives, in addition to what is for many of them also a search for a better life, an education for their children. I want to study the refugee crises in depth in Budapest, the full gambit of issues and I see your program as the ideal location where I will be able to develop the kinds of credentials and connections that will ultimately result in my being able to make my fullest contribution in this regard.

I studied towards a Master of Arts in Communication Program 2009-2011 in my native Ghana and completed all of the course work but was unable to finish my project due to sickness and then later the fact that I left Africa. I did, however, earn my first MA Degree in the United States in Education Specializing in Teaching English as a Second Language, at XXXX (2014-2015)

Thus, I feel strongly that I have a strong academic foundation that will enable me to excel and distinguish myself as a graduate student in your program. I have fully recovered from my health problems and I am more mature, determined, and highly motivated than I was before. Africa is my home; many of the African refugees fleeing north seeking asylum in Europe are women and children. The children are my central concern. As with many Europeans, it pains me greatly to see so many of them drowning on the way and it is to this issue that I wish to now turn my full attention.

I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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