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Real Estate Master’s, Tibetan, New York City

I hope to be accepted to XXXX University's brand-new M.S. in Real Estate Program for several reasons including the fact that I like the idea of participating in a fresh, novel, and especially creative program. I appreciate the fact that XXXX is among the finest universities in NYC with a campus next to Columbus Circle, just a few blocks away from my current office. I plan on completing the program part-time, learning as much as I can in the classroom setting, being able to walk to class after work and taking classes in person is very appealing to me. XXXX University has a really strong alumni base in NYC and I am most keen on the idea of counting myself one of its members, as I see this as beneficial for my continued professional advancement after graduating from Fordham. 

A Tibetan-American, I immigrated to the United States at the age of 6. The past two generations of my family have lived in four different counties. In Tibet, prior to 1959 when it was conquered by China, my grandparents were large real estate owners and my family was forced into exile to India as refugees. This helps to account for the fact that I have day-dreamed of owning investment properties since I was a child, recovering the long-lost family fortune became my fantasy, which I hope to turn into a reality, especially if I am accepted to your Master’s Program at Fordham. My parents grew up in India and eventually moved to Nepal where I was born and spent the first several years of my life before immigrating to the USA where I was raised. The center of my professional hopes, dreams and visions, is economic revitalization through affordable housing projects where they are most needed. I plan to work as a consultant or analyst engaged with both private and government sectors – always with an eye to the building of sustainable, grassroots community. From small non-profits through churches or advisory neighborhood commission, I seek to engage the entire community in the realization of affordable housing projects.

I began my career in NYC Real Estate as an intern at XXXX Companies. While I was there, I worked alongside the rest of the staff - all of whom held their MS Degree in Real Estate - and so I profited greatly from general conversation. They encouraged me to pursue my Master’s Degree as well. After completing the program, I hope to return to the workforce as a full-time employee of a cutting-edge company like XXXXe that is not only socially and environmentally conscious but also financially lucrative. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work in various aspects of the real estate industry.  I started my real estate career while I was in college working part-time assisting local brokers on commercial transactions for NAI Isaac in Lexington, KY.  There, I worked on the early stages of an affordable housing portfolio acquisition in Kentucky.  The buyer of the affordable housing portfolio was based in New York City: XXXX Companies.  My assistance in the early due diligence stage of the acquisition landed me an internship in New York City.  While my time at XXXX Companies was short, it helped me to muster confidence that I can excel as a graduate student at Fordham because I gained a solid footing in the area of affordable housing development.  I later accepted a full-time position as an analyst for a real estate appraisal and consulting firm and I am currently employed as a Client Manger for XXXX Commercial. My current position has provided me with the opportunity to interact with numerous brokers, owner and buyers.  I thank you for your consideration of my application to Real Estate at XXXX.

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