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MBA, Accounting Background, Saudi Woman

The world of business in my home country, Saudi Arabia, is dominated by males.  However, I have met several successful Saudi businesswomen whom I have admired and have a strong desire to emulate them by making my own mark in a masculine dominated business environment. I wish to acquire the skills and knowledge to enable me emulate my ‘heroines’ and believe that your MBA program will be an excellent means of doing so. My special interest is in the leisure industry. I hope to join a company in that sector at a senior level and, ultimately, to found such a business in Saudi Arabia.

My government is actively seeking to encourage the founding of businesses in new sectors as it seeks to curtail its reliance on the oil industry. It is my intention to be one of the innovators who will help to successfully diversify our economy, make a success of life and provide the same opportunity to others while providing joyful experiences to my consumers. The Government of Saudi Arabia created a body called the General Authority for Entertainment in May 2016 to encourage businesses in that sector which is regarded as being one of those which is important to the development of the national economy.

I hold a B.S in Accounting with GPA 3.44 and am currently engaged as an intern in accounting duties. This background has provided me with an excellent knowledge base to begin the study of business. I admit that my GRE was not ‘stellar’ but I was faced with unexpected and extreme time constraints. The score does not reflect my intelligence, diligence or my academic potential and in view of the very limited study time involved, I believe the result to be excellent.

Since my early teens, I have sought leadership and team building experience in seeking and obtaining various offices in school and college clubs and societies. I have a wide variety of interests and hobbies, which includes the informal study of psychology, this provides useful insights generally and will, I believe, be of great use to me in a future career in the world of business.

I am always ready to ‘take charge’ in difficult situations and to execute considered but decisive action.  I am a confident and effective communicator who understands that listening is as important as talking and who is sensitive to non-verbal signals from others. I get on easily with others and enjoy collaboration to achieve a common goal.

I am fairly well travelled. I enjoy learning about new cultures and in sharing knowledge of my own. I am a native speaker of Arabic and am fully fluent and proficient in English.

I have carefully considered the commitment that will be required of me in the program and am eager to study alongside equally ambitious and intelligent students in the challenging and supportive environment that I am confident will be provided. It is my intention to excel rather than just succeed and will apply myself enthusiastically and diligently to the program.

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