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Statements of Excellence for Admission to Masters Degree Programs in Graphic Design

For more than 20 years, I have been assisting applicants to Master's and Doctoral Degree programs in Information Science and Systems or a related field such as Computer Science Engineering, from all over the world. 

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Samples of My Work for the Masters Degree in Graphic Design

Sample Personal Statement for the Master’s Degree in Design, Chilean/Brazilian Applicant

My dream is to become a Design professor and to promote the sharing of ideas among designers across the Americas, in its three most widely spoken languages Portuguese (native) Spanish (near-native), and English (fluent). I hope to be selected to attend your especially innovative and distinguished Master’s Degree Program at the University of XXXX because of your focus, especially as related to the public good, education, health, and safety. I feel that I am the best fit with your emphasis on the importance of diversity and the sharing of ideas across cultural and language barriers, all of us learning from each other on a planetary level, in design as in other areas. My father was from Chile and my mother from Brazil and I have lived and worked in the USA, thus, I am multicultural as well as multilingual. Granted an opportunity to pursue this master program, I will be able to buttress the knowledge and skills in design obtained from my previous learning and occupational undertakings with expertise in the theoretical and research aspects of design. In addition, your program will orient me into interdisciplinary design development and make me better placed to contribute to strategic design planning and development.

My area of foremost engagement and fascination is Visual Communication Design. My extensive professional experience in branding and packaging design over the course of the last 18 years will help me to hit the ground running in your program and distinguish myself as a top-notch student.

Currently the Design Director of XXXX Comunicação in Rio de Janeiro. I am responsible for crafting creative solutions to a broad range of branding and packaging challenges. I lead a team of 4 designers and I am involved in every step of the branding process, from strategic development design through the execution of final art through finished on shelf product delivery – ensuring that every aspect of a brand’s equity is properly developed and maintained. What I get particularly excited about, however, are design applications for humanitarian endeavors, both in terms of social justice issues as well as charitable efforts. As a young person, I spent many years helping to provide for the most basic necessities of children in an orphanage and filled leadership roles within our organizations of young Catholics. I will continue to participate until I am gone in solidarity with humanitarian efforts to make the world a better place. As a holistic thinker and designer, my special research interest is in health. I hope to address questions that open a discourse on how visual communication affects the quality of life and well-being of individuals.

The healthcare sector requires a unique type of creativity at the intersection of compliance with brand strategy and creative integrity. It is necessary to change our way of thinking so as to promote design professionally on every level.

Watching my father die of Alzheimer’s year after year gave me vast opportunity that I took full advantage of to reflect, as a designer, about to ease the stress of disease for its victim and their caretaker as well. Although the statistics are bleak, it is possible for people with Alzheimer’s to live an enjoyable life for years after being diagnosed, if they have access to the right care and support. Therefore there are huge opportunities for designers and creatives to help raise awareness concerning ways to improve daily life for people living with this disease. I want to collaborate with health professionals to come up with solutions that reduce stress and anxiety, increase patient satisfaction, and promote health and healing.

I also have a special passion for teaching and one of my central goals in the future is to become a Design Professor, mentoring new generations of designers. I am thankful for the full immersion experience that I had in the USA beginning in 1989 and staying there for twelve years, studying art and working in design, which did wonders for my English that has been of great service over the years. I have worked for global brands and won international recognition and I am now well established in the Brazilian market, I seek to enhance my level of international engagement in the future.  Music and art, classical guitar and oil painting are fundamental to my identity as well and help me to stay focused as s designer.

I thank you for consideration of my application.

Women in Graphic Design and Creative Advertising

The Heroines of Graphic Design

Women are rocking the world of graphic design. There are so many wonderful female designers, that we could have gone on forever here.

Paula Scher

Paula Scher is an American graphic designer, illustrator, and educator. She was the first female Principal at Pentagram. She started experimenting with typography in the early 1980s. She looked to historic design sources such as Russian Constructivism, obscure and little-used typefaces, and her seemingly unlimited imagination, and she´s done very well for herself.

Leta Sobierajski

Multidisciplinary designer and art director Leta Sobierajski has a bright and brilliant portfolio that includes works for big client names such as Google, Target, UNIQLO, Tate Modern and Bloomberg Businessweek. Her playful and colorful style delights the senses.

Jing Zhang

Jing Zhang’s portfolio is equally colorful and playful, with a design and illustration style that translates complicated ideas into pleasing, fun digital images. The combine intricate detail, infographics, and miniature worlds.

Carolyn Davidson

If there ever was a surprising “secret” in the design world, it’s that perhaps one of the most famous logos of all time, the Nike logo, was designed by a woman that no one knows. Who? Carolyn Davidson. It was originally contracted for a mere $35 dollars (roughly $200 today), but it is now one of the most famous images of all time.

Jacqueline Casey

Jacqueline Casey did more in her position as a designer at MIT than most people do in their lifetime. She began working at MIT in 1955. She was brought on board through the suggestion of her friend and former classmate Muriel Cooper. She remained at the Institute until her death in 1992. Casey helped pioneer the institute’s Office of Design Services and acted as director for the office between 1972 and 1989. Her posters for MIT are iconic. They’re elegant and energetic, clean and creative. Casey had a real talent for depicting concepts through simple forms and type, and her posters are still an inspiration to designers.

Ruth Ansel

Even though Ruth Ansel worked as Art Director for the New York Times Magazine in the 1970s and Art Director for House and GardenVanity Fair and Vogue in the 1980s, those prestigious titles were actually only part of her creative contribution to this world. Ansel created film titles for numerous books and directed fashion ad campaigns for Versace, Club Monaco and Karl Lagerfield.

Lillian Bassman

Lilliam Bassman was a contemporary of Cipe Pineles. She worked as protégé of Alexey Brodocitch while at Harper’s Bazaar, and when the magazine launched their young girls’ magazine, Junior Bazaar, Bassman was appointed Art Director at his request.

In addition to her talents as a designer, Bassman also had a successful photography career. She is sought after for her commercial portraits of models in lingerie, cosmetics and fabric.

Susan Kare

Susan Kare is a hugely significant figure in icon design. She has designed internationally recognizable symbols for Apple, Microsoft, and PayPal. You’ll be surprised about how many icons you’d recognize on her website. Check it out.

Vanessa Eckstein and Marta Cutler

Vanessa Eckstein founded Blok in 1999 and later invited Marta Cutler – who had a background at advertising agencies such as MacLaren McCann and DDB – to join her.

Taking on varied and meaningful projects, their clear and elegant style has a foundation in brand analysis, conceptual thought and profound creativity.

Indrè Klimaitè

Lithuanian-born Indrè Klimaitè now lives and designs in the Netherlands. With a bold and graphic style, Klimaitè says: “there should be only one visual idea but it should be strong enough not to be labeled lame, boring, or predictable.”

Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh is killing it on Bēhance with more than 130,000 followers. And rightfully, as one of the partners of Sagmeister Walsh, her work has won numerous awards. Forbes magazine named her one of its ‘30 under 30.’ The Art Director’s Club selected her as one of its ‘Young Guns.’

Debbie Millman

Debbie Millman is the host of the ‘Design Matters’ podcast. She is also President of Design at Sterling Brands, where she has worked on the redesign of more than 200 brands (including Pepsi and Nestle). Graphic Design USA named her “one of the most influential designers working today”.

Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische is one of the great women designers that Debbie Millman has spoken with for ‘Design Matters.’ She is a letterer, illustrator, and type designer. She has for Wes Anderson and Penguin Books, amongst many other clients.

Chiara Aliotta

Chiara Aliotta spoke at the Awwwards Conference in Amsterdam, January 2016. She heads up the design studio Until Sunday and works as brand manager for Joomla!. Her work reflects her love for the beauty of typography and her belief in impressive design.

Sarah Boris

London-based Sarah Boris has earned her stripes designing for a number of big UK cultural institutions, including the Barbican Centre, Tate, the Architecture Foundation, and Gasworks. Her strong portfolio includes visual identity, exhibition graphics, editorial design, book design, and more.

Jiani Lu

Jiani Lu is an award-winning Canadian multidisciplinary designer and photographer specializing in branding, information design and print. Her style is subtle, elegant, and contemporary. She uses white space to her advantage.

Kelli Anderson

Racking up the followers on Dribbble, Kelli Anderson loves to experiment with new ways of making images for people to experience. She draws, photographs, cuts, prints, and codes. She also interestingly works with her own 1919 letterpress and other gadgets and machines.  

Lotta Nieminen

From Helsinki, Lotta Nieminen worked for Pentagram and RoAndCo before establishing her own design studio in New York.

Winning numerous awards and nominations, her client list includes Google, Hermès, United Airlines, and Volkswagen, as well a number of well-known publications, and she shows no sign of stopping.

Raewyn Brandon

With more than 42,000 followers on Bēhance, Raewyn Brandon has to be doing something right, right? She’s mastered the art of graphics and layout so much so that she provided creative direction and design (in collaboration with Matias Corea) for Super-Modified: The Bēhance Book of Creative Work.

We want you to join this list, or another list of great designers. How can we help you on your journey?


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