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MA TESOL, Business Major, Pakistani

Now that I am close to finishing up my double major in Business and Accounting, I want very much to pursue a Masters in TESOL. Having learned ESL as a child, I find a great deal of personal satisfaction helping others to reach their fullest potential in English and I have a great passion for TESOL …

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Personal Statement for CASPA, Nigerian

Now a United States citizen, I came to America from my native Nigeria eleven years ago, at the age of 24. Now 35, I am finally getting close to achieving my dreams of assuming critically important levels of responsibility in our health care system working in the support of physicians.  I hope to be…

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MA Translation, Farsi, German, French, Spanish

I very much hope to be accepted to your distinguished Online Translation Program at the University of XXXX primarily as a result of my admiration for the rigorous, cutting-edge nature of your curriculum. Studying for my Masters Degree online will enable me to continue my professional employment as …

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Internship Health Care Administration, Latino

I already hold a good degree in general Business Management and am currently pursuing an MBA in Health Care Administration. As you will note, my career to date has been spent in the area of Neurodiagnostic Technology. However because of my successful work in that area, I have for some time been inv…

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Scholarship Essay for Masters in Nursing, Saudi

I feel strongly that we need to have more native nurses as well as doctors in my country, Saudi Arabia, rather than depending to such a vast extent on the importation of nurses and doctors from abroad. Thus, I also feel strongly that we need more Saudi Nurse Practitioners and it pleases me greatly …

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MS Education, Learning & Development, Latina

My whole working life of nearly 10 years has been spent in the field of training and I have enjoyed (almost) every day of it. Effectively and efficiently imparting information, knowledge and skills to employees for the benefit of the company is, of course, the basis of the trainer’s role. However, …

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Fulbright Scholarship, MPH, Pakistani Doctor

A doctor in Pakistan, I hope to be selected for the Fulbright Scholarship on the basis of my passionate to desire to earn the MPH Degree so that I can contribute to improving health care infrastructure in my native Pakistan in both the short and the long term. I am already cultivating a special int…

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MS Real Estate Investment, Dubai, World Travel

Kansas City, Missouri, USA is my home base and for the past 7 years I have been buying and selling properties on my own. Real Estate investment is my favorite subject and the area to which I devote the most time reading and learning; thus, I am writing on behalf of my application to your distinguis…

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MA TESOL with Translation, UK, Saudi

I see your distinguished program in TESOL with Translation Studies at the University of XXXX as the optimal platform upon which to advance my career, particularly because of the way in which your program combines TESOL and Translation Studies in the curriculum and the fact that only your program ha…

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MA in International Affairs, UK, Nigerian Woman

Raised partially in the UK, I am a young Nigerian woman who communicates exceptionally well in English on international levels as well as in Africa. I have studied in France as well and I continue to make progress in French since it is the other principal international language of my target locatio…

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Masters International Real Estate & Planning UK

Perhaps the greatest strength of my application to your esteemed and competitive Master’s Program in International Real Estate & Planning at XXXX in London is my sheer passion and devotion to the cause of environmentally-friendly real estate development. I feel strongly that I am uniquely suited to …

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MSc Marketing, London University, Canadian

I am a young Canadian woman who has increasingly developed a global sense of identity and mission and I seek a full immersion experience in international marketing at XXXX University. Your program is my first choice for a number of reasons. I especially admire the track record of Professor XXXX i…

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Fellowship, Coasts and Communities, Turkish

Born and raised in my native Turkey, for the past 10 years my husband and I have made our home in Boston were we own and operate a coffee shop. What we love most about America and especially Boston is the international flavor, which we enjoy every day visiting with people from all over the world wh…

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MA Criminal Justice Civil Rights African Women

I am a young woman and an attorney from Cameroon with dreams of building a career in the defense of the human and civil rights of African women both those who have immigrated to the West and those who remain in Africa. I am also a survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence that lasted over a …

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Masters Criminology, Black Football Player

While I graduated from XXXX University in May of 2013 with my undergraduate degree in Criminology, I received a full athletic scholarship for 4 years and continued to play football through December of 2013. Winning the Big 12 Conference’s Player of the Week Award for XXU’s NCAA Division 1 Football …

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Professional MBA, Aerospace Engineer

I am an aerospace engineer whose short term goal is to earn a XXXX MBA. My long term goal is to become the Director of Research and Development for a large corporation, preferably my present employer, the Boeing Company. I have been working for Boeing as an aerospace engineer since February of 2013…

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MSc Real Estate UK, Malaysian Mom

A Malaysian woman, now 35 years old, I am a designer with my own studio and the mother of two beautiful girls. As well travelled as I am read, I spent the first 14 years of my life in my native Malaysia, I have had the opportunity to live, learn, and grow for one year in Belgium, 4 years in Austral…

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LOR Graduate Application Social Work #2

Dear Madams/Sirs.

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation in support of XXXX who is applying for the 2015 Master’s in Social Work Program at your esteemed University. I got to know Mr XXXX well when he was serving as an active and highly resourceful trainer for the Eth…

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LOR Graduate Application Social Work #1


Dear Sir/Madam

This recommendation letter is in reference to Mr. XXXX  who has  worked with me for three years under my direct supervision at the Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association (EWLA).

XXXX has excellent communication and negotiation skills combined with a great capacity for organizi…

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Scholarship Application, Australia, Vietnamese

Summary of Programme (300 words): I am a young woman and an experienced dentist from Vietnam who now seeks to build a career in the area of Public Health. I have been accepted to the Health and Society Master’s Program at XXXX University and I am writing what follows on behalf of my application to…

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