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MBA, Accounting Background, Saudi Woman

The world of business in my home country, Saudi Arabia, is dominated by males.  However, I have met several successful Saudi businesswomen whom I have admired and have a strong desire to emulate them by making my own mark in a masculine dominated business environment. I wish to acquire the skills an…

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MBA Program Re-Application, Low GMAT

I am re-applying to the MBA Program at UXX because my application was rejected last year due to my low GMAT Score. I am applying again because I feel strongly that the improvement that I have made and continue to make will now enable me to do well in your program by the time that I begin next year,…

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MBA Online, Widely Traveled, Europe, Asia

Three of my siblings hold the degree of MBA, I am therefore more than usually well informed about the demands that an MBA program will make of me in terms of dedication and time and also of the enormous satisfaction that studying alongside equally ambitious and intelligent students will provide. I …

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MBA Degree, Chinese Woman

I am a 29-year-old Chinese woman with an undergraduate degree in Commerce from the University of XXXX in Canada with a major in accounting. I was raised in China until the age of 15, when I received a full scholarship from the Singapore Ministry of Education and to study grades 9-12 in Singapore. I …

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Masters Business Administration, Turkish

I am a male of Turkish nationality. I am fluent in both English and Turkish. I hold a degree in Mechanical Engineering from XXXX University, Istanbul, Turkey. Since graduating, I have worked for a large company in Turkey that supplied automotive products. I have worked in several departments within …

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MBA Degree Engineering Background, Iran

I am a diligent ambitious man who is profoundly dedicated to my work. I see the business world as the primary motor of human progress, social advancement, and especially economic development. I feel strongly that I have the right levels of experience and motivation to excel in your program, and late…

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MBA Objective Statement, 300 words

I intend to utilize the skills that I will acquire in your MBA program primarily to greatly expand my own company. Your MBA program fits nicely with my career plan at this particular stage of the development of my business since I now have the time to develop much of my energy to study. I look forwa…

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