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Real Estate Master’s, Tibetan, New York City

I hope to be accepted to XXXX University's brand-new M.S. in Real Estate Program for several reasons including the fact that I like the idea of participating in a fresh, novel, and especially creative program. I appreciate the fact that XXXX is among the finest universities in NYC with a campus next…

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Master’s in Real Estate Development, Chinese

My aspiration to distinguish myself as a real estate development professional is a product of my unique childhood, educational experiences, cultural exchange and entrepreneurship. Fully dedicated to lifelong learning in the international context, I long to attend to University of Southern California…

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Masters Real Estate, Finance, Bangladeshi

‘What am I trying to do and why?’ This is the question that all professionals of any type ought to have inscribed on their bathroom mirror and on the walls of their offices. All professionals face temptations to ‘wander off the track’ for various reasons such as self-indulgence, concentrating on pro…

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MS Real Estate Investment, Dubai, World Travel

Kansas City, Missouri, USA is my home base and for the past 7 years I have been buying and selling properties on my own. Real Estate investment is my favorite subject and the area to which I devote the most time reading and learning; thus, I am writing on behalf of my application to your distinguis…

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Masters International Real Estate & Planning UK

Perhaps the greatest strength of my application to your esteemed and competitive Master’s Program in International Real Estate & Planning at XXXX in London is my sheer passion and devotion to the cause of environmentally-friendly real estate development. I feel strongly that I am uniquely suited to …

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MSc Real Estate UK, Malaysian Mom

A Malaysian woman, now 35 years old, I am a designer with my own studio and the mother of two beautiful girls. As well travelled as I am read, I spent the first 14 years of my life in my native Malaysia, I have had the opportunity to live, learn, and grow for one year in Belgium, 4 years in Austral…

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MS, Masters Real Estate Development

Upon graduation, my aim is to continue a similar, yet enhanced path I began over ten years ago when I first set out to own and operate my own independent real estate development company.  Any developer wants to be the best performer in their field, and yet, I have grown to know that there is somethi…

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