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PA Masters Physician Assistant, Rural Nepal

I was raised in a poor community in rural Nepal in which health service provision was scarce and expensive. I resolved at an early age that I would be involved in providing this invaluable service. I have never wavered in this decision and all my studies, voluntary and professional work since have confirmed me in my vocation.

 I made the most of the educational opportunities open to me and was ultimately awarded the MBBS degree. During my studies, I was heavily involved in various voluntary activities including fund raising for the Poor Patient Fund, providing basic medical check-up’s and free medicines for senior citizens and in a campaign to diagnose and follow up patients suffering hypertension and diabetes.  I found these activities to be enormously instructive and rewarding.

 Following undergraduate studies, I worked in hospitals for two years, initially, in XXXXl Teaching Hospital as a Junior House Officer in the Pediatrics Department. In addition to the normal duties of a J.H.O, I successfully applied for training in neonatal intensive care. There followed a broadening of my experience in a larger local hospital.  

 Since March 2008, I have worked for a US based organization, XXXX Health International in the Marshall Islands. The islands were used as a nuclear testing site during the 1950’s and my job includes caring for those exposed to radiation and their families. I also give physical exams, prescribe, admit and refer. In addition, I am involved in various activities such as immunization, a TB and leprosy control program and conducting school health check-ups.

 I consider myself to be a broadly experienced health professional with well developed health provision skills. While these are very important, I am fully aware that an empathetic nature and the ability to distinguish the patient as an individual apart from his or her symptoms and to treat them as such, is what marks out a truly effective health professional. I have also developed the vital skill of reading non-verbal signals from patients.

 It is now my goal to qualify as a Physician Assistant in order to enhance my skills and knowledge and thus make me more effective in helping others. I am particularly interested in assisting in research relating to pain management in the chronically ill, especially cancer patients. Whilst I am willing to work anywhere, I would hope to find employment in the US working in a poor community in a rural setting including the provision of basic health education in addition to health care.

 I am aware that cultural sensitivity and awareness is especially important in health service provision. I have been exposed to various cultures, having been to the US, Thailand, India, the Philippines and China. I have also happily worked with and treated people of various cultural and social backgrounds.

 I genuinely consider myself to be an exceptional candidate, I have a directly relevant degree, I have several years of highly relevant experience and I possess the characteristics required of a very effective Physician Assistant. I look forward to ‘adding value’ to my class by sharing the fruits of my background. 

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