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MBA Degree, Food Sustainability, Bosnian

I grew up in Bosnia where excellent food from sustainable sources is available to all. Seasonal produce grown by local farmers was sold at the farmers’ market where we also bought milk and cheese; our meat and poultry came from a local butcher who raised his stock on a free range farm. No-one had to explain that re-cycling made economic sense to the locals, they knew.

I came to the US in 1993 and quickly realized how fortunate I was to have been raised in Bosnia. People in the US are increasingly aware of the importance of food sustainability but there is much still to be done and many advantages to be gained for individuals and society from a wider understanding of the facts and wider availability of sustainable and organic food.  I have been in the restaurant industry for over 13 years and have always been aware of the environmental aspects and challenges that the industry faces. It is my hope to find solutions to the barriers and problems involved while ensuring profitability.

I co-owned a restaurant business for 2 years. Our mission was to provide a healthy lunch made from sustainable foods at an affordable price and we met with some success. However we also made some key mistakes arising from a lack of financial, marketing and accounting skills. We served organic food which provided us with only a small margin but which was regarded as a luxury when the economic downturn came and, sadly, our business closed.  My dream is to make sustainable food that is affordable to everyone and, in addition, to providing consultancy services. I would like to open a sustainable restaurant with its own farm and community centre providing healthy eating education and tips on growing sustainable food domestically. I have regard to a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit that the program will enable me to pursue. My goal in applying is to develop key business skills to become a leader and entrepreneur who is able to create a sustainable, profitable business and assist others to do so.

The restaurant industry accounts for around 10% of the US economy and therefore has a substantial environmental impact and, although some progress has been made in ‘greening’ the industry, much remains to be done. I want to be involved in guiding businesses into adopting desirable policies while retaining their profitability.

The program fits my needs exactly because of its emphasis on environmental and social responsibility within today’s global market.  I am particularly interested in the work of Professor XXXX and his focus on the impact of business on the natural environment. I am also attracted by the fact that the university promotes local internships and job placements and thus creates a network of like-minded graduates. I am also confident that the program will provide me with key business skills that I seek through rigorous academic and project work while providing a supportive environment.

I am very widely travelled as my parents lived in, and travelled to, around 20 different countries in Asia, Europe and Central America. My travels have taught me to think on a global level. I have always sought to understand the different cultures to which I have been exposed and I look forward to adding to this knowledge within the program.

I am sure that there will be many well qualified applicants for this program that is so relevant to the needs of today’s businesses. However I feel that I am an excellent candidate. I am academically able and have a significant business background, but my main recommendation is a passion for assisting in the creation of sustainable and profitable businesses by applying the unique mix of skills and knowledge which will be available to me through the program.

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