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JD Intellectual Property Law, Hispanic

I am a middle-aged Puerto Rican woman now residing in Miami Florida; I also lived for a time in Mexico.  I am bilingual in English and Spanish and have travelled widely in the Americas and in Europe during my life and this experience has given me a deep appreciation of the value of cultural variations and a cultural awareness and sensitivity when dealing with others.

I myself suffered something of a cultural challenge when I commenced studies for my bachelor’s degree in Communications at college in Ohio. I was one of few minority students and, in addition to the things that challenge every new student, it was necessary for me to adapt quickly to an English teaching and social environment. I also found the weather quite strange! However I overcame these challenges very successfully. I became very involved in the student body and was awarded a scholarship to work on research into violence portrayed on TV. I enjoyed my studies immensely and became deeply interested in both of my subjects, Communications and Art History.

During my last two years of college, I was given the opportunity to intern at Clear Channel Radio where I was involved in sales, marketing and various promotional activities. I was also very involved in the fund-raising activities of the Ronald McDonald House charity and acted as a translator and mediator for Families Central America.

Having completed my bachelor’s degree, I wanted a complete change from suburban college life and found the contrast I was seeking when I went to study abroad at one of the world’s oldest universities, La Universidad de Salamanca in Spain to deepen knowledge of my Spanish heritage.  I studied together with students from many parts of the world and regard this as a very rewarding learning experience.

My interest in the law was fired when I took on my first professional role as Assistant Producer. It was necessary to be legally aware in the selection broadcast material. I was simultaneously studying for my Master’s degree in Integrated Communications which I successfully completed. Combining my professional and academic work was another significant challenge that I overcame and of which I am very proud.

My work has involved a growing involvement in legal and compliance issues with regard to such matters as brands, logos, category exclusivity and copyrights. Consequently I have acquired increasing knowledge in these matters and a growing interest. I have become aware of the vital link between communications and the law and want to use and extend my interest and knowledge by formal academic study in the areas of intellectual property and communications.

I believe that my successes to date show me to be adaptable, hard working, culturally aware, interested in helping others and to be eager to meet and overcome any challenge presented.

I believe that my academic and professional backgrounds provide an excellent and relevant foundation for successful completion of the JD program at xxxxxxx and that I can provide useful insights and input to my class from my life experiences to date.  

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