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MBA Masters of Business Administration

MBA Masters of Business AdministrationFor over fifteen years, I have maintained a conceptual continuity in my academic and professional careers, an unswerving commitment to establishing, growing or improving organizations.  Reaching a point in my career where I feel I have exhausted every path of opportunity and challenge at my current academic level, turning to XXXX University’s School of Business is more than a logical choice for my life’s path; it is only natural and for a multitude of reasons.

 Indeed, I am convinced through people I truly respect in the field and my own inquiries that only XXXX Business’ breadth and autonomy of curriculum can provide me with the business world overview, but more specifically, the relevant contemporary in-depth knowledge of marketing and advertising knowledge that I need to bring my research goals to fruition.  With XXXX’s expert faculty guiding me, I will be able to conduct relevant investigations into consumer behavior, a pursuit of consumer needs with the goal of discovering the best way to meet and exceed their unique needs.  XXXX’s benchmark-setting record of accomplishment gives me complete confidence that I will be able to then produce and implement effective marketing communications, the vehicle by which to reach consumers.

 Earning my MBA will lay a solid foundation, a coalescing of my body of experiences from which I can then move into higher levels of executive work, ideally for a multinational leader, such as the Walt Disney Company.  Within such an organization, it is my aim to set new precedents for sustainable interaction between Fortune-500 companies and the non-profit sector.  There are numerous philanthropic endeavors that could easily be incorporated, ways of giving back to children in need, and social justice endeavors.  All that is needed is the right leadership.  I have never wondered who would lead such work; I am that someone and I am not done yet.

 In addition to my many experiences in the field, I bring with me an established academic grasp of marketing and international business and decorated track record, including my recent earning of Outstanding Student in XXXX’s marketing program for my academic excellence, graduating with highest honors.  At the writing of this letter, I am on track for graduating cumma sum laude with near-perfect GPA and hold current membership in two National Honor Societies.  And yet, I could never have gotten where I am today without having the benefit of those around me, the meeting of minds in academic discussion, the raising of ideas, testing theories and coming to unexpected conclusions.  No businessperson is an island, and I am eager to share my experiences while learning from other’s methodologies in an atmosphere of creative thought.

 My competitive nature overflows into everything that I do, all that I am, earning and holding onto XXXX’s Taekwondo State Championship title for two consecutive years as a first-degree black belt.  While many enjoy the more visually spectacular aspects of the martial art, it belies the concentration, judgment, the ability to think clearly under pressure and control your thoughts even as adrenaline flows.  These skills are the conjunction of mental and physical, and have served me well in my work.

 In the most practical terms, I never learned time management skills from a book, instead, learning them through doing, and balancing an active career, martial arts, teaching, volunteerism and entrepreneurship.  While I anticipate a challenging academic program, I feel that I have exhibited my ability to excel in every venture I undertake.  It is this passion for my life, my work and lifelong education that I bring to Scranton’s MBA program.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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