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MA Education, Curriculum Studies, Pakistan

I was born in Pakistan, raised in Kuwait and am now resident in Canada. I hold a bachelor degree in Political Science awarded by XXXX University. My goals are to join the Master’s program, excel within it and then to apply the skills and knowledge gained initially by teaching in Canada and I hope, ultimately, in assisting in raising educational standards in one or more developing nations, probably my own, Pakistan, which is in need of an enormous amount of help for the long term in the arena of education.

I always wanted to teach but, in the culture from which I come, one’s own wishes are not necessarily paramount when making educational and professional decisions. My father is a politician and so politics were a matter of daily discussion within my family. Consequently I became fascinated by politics from an early age. My father encouraged me to study politics and then to acquire some business experience. While my studies and experience to date have been useful and interesting, I have now made the firm decision to seek a future in education to which I believe I have a genuine vocation.

My study of politics has had substantial relevance to this program. The ways in which politics and education intersect has always fascinated me. For instance, it is notable in many developing nations that the very best educational facilities are more easily found in the home areas of prominent politicians than in others. Thus education can be used as a political ‘carrot’. It was also noticeable, during my own education in Kuwait, that in some countries a good education must be bought even though free education is universally available. A rapid expansion of education in the developing world has often been undertaken for cosmetic political purposes without any real attempt to ensure that the quality of education offered is sufficient using, for instance, poorly qualified, motivated and paid individuals lacking a vocation but seeking only a secure and, they believe, an easy job. I too believe that ‘teaching’ is indeed easy but only if it is done poorly.  I also understand that the role of the curriculum in education is pivotal to standards. If the body setting the curriculum is politically rather than educationally motivated and if there is no real attempt to monitor its implementation and application then standards are bound to be adversely affected. I am particularly interested in the work of Dr. XXX in this area especially as he has undertaken research in the educational systems of both developed and developing nations. I would hope to assist in further research in this area under his supervision.

I have also seen what can happen when education is treated as a mere business while I was working in educational administration in Kuwait for a short period. Students paid a high price for sometimes mediocre teaching from uninterested teachers and I found this as distressing as did the students.

Because I married and had a child, my career and education have been curtailed. However having my child was the spur to finally seek to study education. I now have the time and support to undertake a challenging on-line Master’s program in the field that has always been my passion.

I have carefully considered the demands that the program will make and believe that I have the academic ability, commitment, motivation and, most importantly, passion for the subject that will enable me to excel within it. I have also carefully researched the available programs and conclude that your own is a perfect fit to enable me to achieve my goals.

Thank you for considering my application.


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