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MS Chemical Engineering, Indian Applicant

My interest in engineering blossomed during my high school years, building upon my passionate devotion to the physical sciences and mathematics. I have always ranked well among my fellow students in these areas and I was encouraged by my parents and teachers to prepare myself for studying engineering in college. I decided to build a career in chemical engineering soon after enrolling, as a result of the Department Chair, Dr. XXXX, giving us a lecture on the numerous applications of chemical engineering, organic and inorganic chemicals, petrochemicals, ceramics, and plastics, including a vast list of products used in our daily life such as food processing, detergents, glass, and paint. Since I am a practical young woman who enjoys very much improving our lives through the enhancement of our natural and chemical environments, after completing my undergraduate studies in chemical engineering, I went on to attain a Masters Degree in the same area, also in my native India. I would now like very much to study towards the Master’s Degree at the University of Florida because I especially admire the research interests of your faculty and your outstanding facilities.

 My motivation to build a career in this area was further solidified by my visits, along with professors and other students, to some of our many heavy industrial facilities in India, the waste water treatment system at the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, Coromandel’s phosphate fertilizer production plant, Hindustan Petroleum’s distillation plant and the desalination plant in Chennai. I was especially pleased during these visits to come across several scientists working in the Research and Development (R&D) sections of these facilities and interacting with them helped me to realize the vast scope of research opportunities that exist in these areas for process control, modeling, and design.

 One of my fondest memories is assisting one of my Professors for three months with his research concerning “effluent treatments using adsorption techniques employing both continuous and batch processes in a mass transfer laboratory.” I had the privilege of helping with design and the construction of a pilot plant for the continuous preparation of adsorbents and effluents. Later I assisted the same professor with his work with “biogas production from cow dung in an environmental laboratory.” Helping with these projects taught me the importance of teamwork and inspired me to pursue a career as a research investigator. In my Master’s program in India, I especially enjoyed presenting seminars on topics such as the use of electronic controllers, fuel cells, and absorption techniques.

 After completing my Master’s Degree, I taught undergraduates in the Department of Chemical Engineering for two-and-a-half years. I then married and moved to the United States, having been here since May of 2009. I especially look forward to studying process control, transport phenomena, fluid mechanics, process modeling, thermodynamics and nanoscience technology. Your program will lay the foundation for me to build a creative career publishing in journals in these areas. The U of X is an ideal place for me to do my research as it is equipped with excellent technology, expertise, and resources; and I feel that I am an excellent fit for the Process Control Lab. I would especially like to work with Prof. XXXX and I am eager to find out more about the research being carried out under his guidance.

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