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MA Translation, Security, Russian Accountant

I am a young woman from Russia with a degree in Accounting who won a green card on the lottery and moved to America not long after graduating from college in 2009. I selected your distinguished MA program in Translation at XXXX University because of its sheer excellence and the exciting nature of the curriculum some time ago and since then I moved close to the school and have dedicated myself to preparation for admission. I am pleased to announce that I have passed the TOEFL exam.

I am especially excited about studying under Dr. XXXX, professor of Russian Translation and your Graduate Coordinator. Along with the fact that Russian is my mother tongue, I am also well versed in the history and culture of Russia. I have been studying English intensely since I was 12 years old and I have now spent a total of 5 years in America during the course of which my English has continued to improve. I now feel almost equally confident in both languages.

I hope to enjoy a long and productive career serving my new country through CWU Inc, which provides professional support services to the Department Of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, and other federal agencies. I really would like to work for the government in my future and be a professional interpreter and translator. 

Languages are my first love and I am also learning French. I hope very much that I will someday be able to speak French with the level of fluency with which I now speak English.

I have always wanted to be a public servant. This is why I studied Accountancy to become a professional accountant in Russia so that I could give my all as a public servant, helping to make people accountable and to help business to run smoothly. Now that I am building a new life here in America, however, I feel very strongly that my language skills, especially Russian, would be my greatest gift and the most important thing that I can give to my new country.

I am a diligent student and a very hard worker. Here in Ohio, I have done a lot of volunteer work which has included cleaning the park, gardening. I love the great diversity of Ohio and I have especially enjoyed meeting people here who are from other countries and learning about their unique cultures.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program.

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