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Masters Supply Chain Management, Africa

I am applying to XXXX University’s Supply Chain Management Masters Program for many reasons, first and foremost of which is the highly developed specialization of your program in my area, Oil & Gas Development. I am originally from Tanzania and I see it as my home, my people, and it is for this reason that I have developed the professional dream over time of helping companies in Africa take Supply Chain Management seriously and to develop more effective levels of collaboration between organizations in order to ensure that customer expectations are met as efficiently as possible.

I am seeking admission to your distinguished program because I see it as the optimal platform from which I will be able to launch a highly successful career in SCM with a focus on Africa. I am particularly interested in working to close loopholes of procurement fraud and conflict of interest issues that pervade most industries. I hope to encourage companies to focus on cost and effective leadership strategies through the cultivation of value chains. After completing your program, I intend to seek a position with a multi-national company based in Tanzania, probably in the oil-gas-energy sector as an Operations and Supply Chain Manager.

Now 32 and recently awarded my US citizenship, I came to the USA 9 years ago at the age of 21. I have studied several instances of how SCM theory was effectively implemented in Africa resulting in much more efficient operations. I have also watched many failures unfold; the unsustainability of Nigeria’s oil industry concerns me; despite being the production leader on the continent, Nigeria also provides us with a wealth of examples of the wrong way to do things.

I am both a pragmatist and an environmentalist and I look forward to serving for many decades to come as part of management teams that fully appreciate the cost of episodes like British Petroleum’s failure in the Gulf, doing everything that they can to avoid them in the future. I want to work hard to go that extra mile to pump as much oil out of Tanzania as we can, at the same time that we do everything possible to protect our environment; I also want to eventually turn my efforts to working towards clean energy. We hope to enjoy windfall production at some point in the future and to invest this in our country, our people, education, health, and industry.

I went to an International Boarding School which followed the Cambridge system back home in Tanzania. I sat for GCE exams for both my Senior level as well as A' levels. I have been lucky to have visited 13 European countries: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy,

Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. I am going be in Turkey (Istanbul) next Saturday for a week, then am heading to Tanzania. I love to travel and I hope to get to know South America after completing your program. I very much admire European education systems and many of my friends tell me that I have a UK accent. My parents are currently in Tanzania but I have siblings in the UK, Denmark, Netherlands, Canada, the USA and India. My parents continue to work very hard to provide the best education for us that they can.  I have also taken time for volunteer work here in the USA with the International Service Center (ISC), serving as a translator for Swahili speaking refugees immigrating to the USA.

After finishing my undergraduate studies last year in the area of Finance, I began working at my present place of employment, XXXX Inc., in the Sales Integration Dept/Logistics. I believe that many of the skills that I have been developing here at Nordstrom will help to prepare me to excel in your program. I thank you for consideration of my application.

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