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Masters Degree Statistics, China, Australia

I am an applicant from China who attended High School in Beijing and studied in Australia for two years. I would like to apply to your program as a transfer student because I am enormously impressed with your reputation and faculty and I have a great deal of enthusiasm for the study of  statistics. I have been studying towards dual degrees in Finance and Statistics with a special concentrations in quantitative finance and applied probability. My long term goal is to become a professional statistician.

 I am currently completing an internship doing an internship in the area of internal control with one of the big four accounting firms in China in the service of the largest coal supplier in the world. This professional experience has helped me to better appreciate the vast difference between studying finance and putting it into practice. I feel that I am a competitive applicant to your program who has demonstrated strong performance while undertaking a challenging curriculum—in addition to my practical experience. I have a very solid background in accounting and financial statistics and their practical applications for today’s business realities. I am a quick learner who is able to adapt easily to new environments, have spent one month in New Zealand and almost 2 years in Australia.

 I began to realize that statistics is my calling while studying at the university level when I found myself most enamored by learning how to perform t-tests and f-tests along with modeling and graphing, especially time series data sets that enable us to predict future trends or likelihoods.

 There are two principal reasons why I would like to transfer to your program. First, ever since I decided to focus my energies in the area of statistics, I have been learning everything that I can about developments in the field and I now realize that America is the leader in this area and, if I want to become a leader myself, I need to study in a program in America such as yours which is preparing leaders in statistics on the cutting edge of the field. The most dynamic and successful lecturers and professors in my university all graduated from American universities and they tend to agree that America is the most advantageous place to earn one’s advanced degree in this area.

 I have an excellent academic background with diverse educational experiences, finishing primary and junior high school in Inner Mongolia and I have studying in an Australian style since my senior year of high school and have thus learned a great deal from both Chinese Mongolian and Australian cultures. I have been doing complex calculations and working with time series models since high school. Furthermore, my professional work experience has helped me to develop a profound grasp of the numerous ways in which the field of statistics is associated with the practical needs of industry. I have found the use of what I have learned so far in my studies in its direct application to industry to be very powerful magic for me personally and it has greatly enhanced my confidence and already high level of motivation.

 I look forward to giving my all to your program and contributing to its diversity. I want to thank you for considering my application.

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