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Rehabilitation Counseling, African-American

I am a 26 year old African American man who was raised in Richmond Virginia. I am a hard working you man who has devoted his life to serving others. A compassionate person who is naturally drawn to the healing professions, I have found myself profoundly attracted to the field of Rehabilitation Counseling now for some time, and have been doing a lot of reading in my spare time so as to better familiarize myself with many of the current issues and trends in the field. I want very much to study in your program because it is close to home, and XXU is an institution for which I have also developed a profound admiration over time.

 I especially look forward to doing research in the many areas in which one´s disability can impact their mental, social, and occupational functioning. I want very much to obtain my MS Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, and then become a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. One of the strongest aspects of my application to your program is my extensive volunteer experience, since I have served as a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Leukemia Society and the Lymphoma Society. Working with these organizations has helped me to understand that I crave and have the potential to excel in a leadership position where I will have the opportunity to use the knowledge that I gain in your program in building highly positive interactions with others and sharing insights and experiences with with team members and colleagues. I hope to spend the balance of my professional life making a most positive impact on the lives of others, especially those with special needs and those who have suffered disabilities, full or partial. I wish to devote myself fully to the cause of rehabilitation.

 I decided to major in Psychology in college in order to better prepare myself for service in the health related professions and studied broadly in the area of professional and interpersonal relations and communications, as well as abnormal, child, and adolescent psychology. I have excellent written and verbal communication skills with great attention for detail and I am a very active learner who is fully committed to continuous improvement, quality, and personal growth. Fully dedicated to lifelong learning, I am flexible and analytical, never losing sight of overall objectives.

 I have been serving as a Clinical Supervisor with the XXXX Counseling Group for over a year. Prior to this position, I was employed with them from 2007 forward as a Community Based Counselor. I assist clinical staff with caseload management issues related to the organization of the caseload and staff productivity, I analyze various clinical approaches to cases and supervise the quality and integrity of clinical documentation, professionalism and professional development, spending much of my time in meetings and phone interviews with clients, parents, and case managers. I prepare written diagnostic assessments of family functioning, and psychological/emotional needs. And I am responsible for ensuring that staff adhere to and uphold the guidelines and standards of the NCG, DMHMRSAS and DMAS. I am also involved with the Mental Health Support Services Program, working with adults to teach functional skills and appropriate behavior as well as providing crisis intervention as necessary. I feel strongly that the professional skills that I have developed will help me to excel in your program and I appreciate your attention to my application.

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