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Masters Public Administration, MPA, Thailand

My homeland of Thailand is a developing, emerging nation, with little emphasis or interest in Public Administration.  Growing up, I never knew the words “public administration”, but looking around me, I wondered what I could do to make changes happen in my community.  And if I could make changes in my community, why not all of my country?  When I was working as a part-time professor at XXXX University in Thailand, teaching political science, government management and policymaking, I felt a strong feeling within me, a desire to develop my knowledge further and not just continue in my career, but to give that much more and on a greater scale.

 Coming to America was a choice to not only immerse myself in a differing culture, and meet people with different ideas, but also a chance to study in one of the world’s finest education institutions,.  In America, opportunities for the exposure that I need are everywhere, especially in the capital, Washington, D.C., a place where 80% of federal governmental agencies are headquartered.  This access is unprecedented for someone like me, and I was eager to get started.  Moreover, I am able to compare other countries’ public administration to Thailand, something that will help me develop Thai public administration through increased understanding and worldview.

 My plans include getting the best Public Administration education I can so that I can return to Thailand and make a significant impact on the Thai educational system, particularly to make it more accessible and effective.  There is a distinct need in Thailand for people to become educated, with new skills to fill new jobs that are coming.  Furthermore, I want to teach Public Administration and ensure the future of quality Public Administration work for my country.

 If I am to bring my plans, goals and dreams to reality, I need to increase my depth of understanding of Public Administration, particularly systematic and advance knowledge of how to develop Public Administration programs.  Additionally, I want to further refine my existing leadership skills as I want to lead in the educational field as well as being the finest administrator I can be.  By entering into a high quality graduate Public Administration Program like the XXXX School at the University of XXXX, I will be able to develop my theoretical understanding, and in-depth empirical approaches to make creative and sustainable administrative decisions, develop a core set of expertise in administrative strategies, as well as build on my own research skills.

 As my school, XXXX University will be closing in August, I am turning to UXX to continue on the path to my dreams.  I bring with me to your accomplished student body and exceptional program a solid foundation in Political Science.  Proof of my ability to excel in the graduate Public Administration program can be found in my having already completed a graduate Political Science degree.  Indeed, my graduate program taught me excellent time management skills in a deadline-oriented environment, skills that will aid me invaluably in my future career.

 Furthermore, I bring my international education and experiences.  Not only have I been educated on two diverse continents, but also I have one-year of experiences from New Zealand.  It was there that I volunteered, and was also an ESL student.  I was truly impressed by the country’s social welfare and healthcare management, and increased my knowledge of differing public administration systems.  I mention these experiences not say I am so different, but to say that I am eager to contribute, to share and to learn from others.

 I look forward with great eagerness to engaging in your fine graduate Public Administration program, the academic and personal relationship with UXX.  Lastly, I do not do this just for me, but for my homeland, and a system that I believe with all my heart can do better.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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