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PA, Physician Assistant Masters, Biology Degree

I was born in New York and raised in Georgia. I am of Italian descent and speak English and Italian. I hold the Bachelor’s degree in Biology awarded by XXXX University in 2010. It is my goal to qualify and to work as a Physician’s Assistant and, in this way to make a meaningful contribution to society.

 Although brought up in a household with two physician parents, it was by no means a foregone conclusion that I should enter one of the healthcare professions. This environment did, however, fire a passionate interest in Biology throughout my school years and this was inevitably the subject of my Bachelor degree and during this time I developed a special interest in Human Biology.

 Having gained an appreciation of the human body as an astonishingly sophisticated set of mechanisms, the ‘human’ element began to fascinate me. It became clear that the person is more than a wonderful machine and I have become increasingly interested in such things as the effect of disturbances in the balance of body chemistry, community environment and personal choices all have on personal well being. The possibility of a career in healthcare then began to attract me. I was fortunate in that my parents’ personal knowledge and wide professional contacts enabled me to investigate the possibilities comprehensively. I met and spoke with nurses, physician’s assistants, office managers, doctors and a number of other healthcare professionals and gained an appreciation of their different roles and the relevant academic requirements. I concluded that the role of physician’s assistant would fulfill my personal goals while allowing me to make a significant contribution to society.

 From observing my parents, I am aware of the demands made on those in the healthcare professions but also of the enormous satisfaction that can be gained. I know that there are people who are difficult to help and that there can be bad days as well as good. I have been exposed to all aspects of the profession since childhood and firmly conclude that I want to ‘make a difference’ as my parents have by their dedication and solid work ethic.

 Having made the decision to pursue this career choice, I took a position in a doctor’s office as a medical assistant and have been able to observe excellent doctors and nurses at their work. I have also worked voluntarily in an ER department for over 100 hours. These activities have provided me with the opportunity to interact with patients, for instance when measuring vital signs. I have also acquired an appreciation of the importance of non-verbal communication in providing healthcare and I look forward to increasing my knowledge in this skill.  My related work experience has totally confirmed me in my choice and I am very excited at the prospect of joining the program and ultimately working as a physician’s assistant.

 Although my preparation for entering the program has not involved any formal course of study, I have excelled in topics such as organic chemistry, advanced biological concepts and physiological processes in the human body during my Bachelor degree studies. I have no doubt that I can succeed in the program, and indeed excel as I bring both proven academic ability, relevant academic background and, most importantly, a passionate interest in the topics covered in the curriculum.

 I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people of many different cultural and social backgrounds and have travelled on many occasions to Europe and South America. I regard myself as being culturally aware and sensitive and am aware of the importance of this in the role that I hope to undertake.

 It would be my hope to undertake research in the area of virology and, after qualification, to be involved initially in surgical or ER work and ultimately to work in a doctor’s office with a respected group of physicians.

 I am aware that there will be many well qualified applicants for the program. However, I do believe that I am exceptionally suitable candidate and undertake to apply myself fully and enthusiastically to achieve my goal of ‘making a positive difference’.

 Thank you for considering my application.

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