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Masters Physician Assistant Studies, Indian

I don’t remember the exact moment when I fell in love with my profession. It was more of a gradual process beginning in high school and brought to reality when I was accepted by the best Ayurvedic college of India.  I also became especially highly motivated to study medicine and become a clinician serving in the health care industry by the experience of being with my father and watching him die of cancer, resulting in my intense passion and dedication towards patients dying of cancer and chronic illness. My Father’s principal dream was to see her daughter in a white coat serving patients.

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from XXXX University in 2008. Through four and a half years of the rigorous curriculum and one year of internship, I was able to develop hands on experience and gain exposure to community based programs; and graduated with a GPA of 3.98. Throughout my studies in India to become a doctor and practitioner of alternative medicine and in almost every opportunity that I have had to contribute towards research, I have furthered my interest in specializing in two areas, Oncology and Pediatrics. For years now, I have been reading in my spare time as much as I can, even sometimes losing sleep, because of my sheer devotion and dedication to the subject of caring for children with cancer. It is in this area where I hope to make my greatest mark in life.  In pursuit of this dream I served in India for 6 years as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner before immigrating to the USA.

In my 6 years of clinical experience in India, I have found compassion to be an especially indispensable tool and a great resource that helps enormously with the effective treatment of patients. Thus, I have sought to excel in this area and combine my compassion with a rigorous examination of physical evidence. If selected for your Physician Assistant program, I think my greatest contribution will most certainly be in the area of the patient care, always giving my all to promote optimal health and prolong life. My goal will always be nothing less than the complete eradication of all disease and dysfunction to the extent to which it is possible to do so.

I am currently excelling in all of the prerequisite courses for admission to your PA Program at XXXX College. Completing your PA program will be my crowning academic achievement that will enable me to harness the energy and power of what I have learned so far as a doctor of alternative medicine, and channel it into a new career here in America as a PA where I will be able to fully maximize my professional contribution both to the practice of medicine and my new home, America.

The extensive hands-on experience that I gained serving as a Residential Medical Officer at the XXXX Hospital in Delhi provides me with a platform upon which to excel in your PA program since it provided me with the opportunity to help out with many emergency as well as routine cases and to labor as a clinical analyst, even assisting in the delivery of babies, including C-sections.

I want to devote my life to doing everything that I can to implementing the maxim that ‘prevention is better than cure’; always laboring to convince those with whom I come into contact to follow the wisdom of preventive medicine and I hope to have the privilege of serving in a Department of Integrative Medicine at some point in my professional future. Extremely passionate and very well read in the areas of preventive medicine and natural remedies, it pleases me greatly that interest in alternative medical philosophies and treatments has greatly increased in the USA over the course of the last several decades and I feel strongly that this will give me something very important to contribute to a medical practice as a Physician Assistant. Since I am already a doctor of Alternative Medicine and AM is increasingly popular with many people interested in this way of thinking about and treating their illness, I feel that I will be an excellent contribution to the care of patients, as a compliment to the care provided by traditionally trained doctors and nurses. Thus, I will have something special to offer to a hospital or clinic that another candidate might not, and this pleases me greatly.

Attending your prestigious university would be one of the greatest rewards for my persistence to succeed. I am convinced that the knowledge and experience that I would gain as a result of completing your distinguished PA Program at XXXX College will mold me into a state-of-the-art Physician Assistant and human being.

I thank you for your consideration of my application.

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