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Masters Physician Assistant Studies, Surgery

Medicine is for me a fascination with the complex factors that account for how the relationship between the mind, the body, and the unknown, unfolds in mysterious ways. I have been early exploring these dynamic since I was a child. My mission in life is to help those who cannot help themselves; this is where I derive my own sense of self-worth, human dignity, and sense of achievement.

I have not always been a leader among my peers, and I do not count taking full charge and assuming full control of my environment to be among my aspirations. Rather, I feel that I am a natural fit for the role of physician assistant, serving as a go-between between doctor and patient. I have learned, over the course of years of personal study about a broad variety of medical professions, that what patient’s most want and often feel denied, is greater control over how their medical treatment progresses. And I feel that I will have much to offer after completing a rigorous program such as yours as a professional who will have the patience to provide this sense of engagement that is craved by patients in the determination of their own treatment.

My greatest asset is probably my unequivocal enthusiasm that is primarily derived from my sheer joy for multifaceted experiences. I love the dynamic, ever changing character of practicing medicine. A career in medicine appeals to my curious nature more so than any other field. In my own mind, much of this began that day that I accompanied my grandmother to ER and found myself staring through the open doors of the OR at a gunshot victim. As a little girl, I constantly stuck my nose where it didn't belong. I was especially adventuresome and in need of medical attention myself on several occasions when I fell out of high places where I should never have been in the first place.

I am currently working towards a Bachelors Degree in the Liberal Arts but I want very much to switch to your university and study in your BS/MS Program in Physician Assistant Studies, and in this way prepare myself for the specific professional contribution that I have decided to pursue, a career as a Physician Assistant with special training in the area of surgery. My long term goal is to serve as a Surgical PA in a hospital setting. I am fascinated with the fast pace of the ER and OR and very good with multitasking. As a first generation immigrant myself, from Russia, I especially look forward to caring for the members of undeserved communities, other immigrant communities and/or the members of disadvantaged sectors of society, minorities, the elderly, and patients with  chronic illness. I look forward to treating each patient based entirely on their individual needs. I want to spend every day laboring to establish and enhance communication between patients and their doctors, in a way that recognizes how we are all an integral part of the recovery process.

Of the professional and volunteer activities that have helped to prepare me to excel in your program, my volunteer work at the XXXX Jewish Medical Center is the most salient, with over 400 hours under the supervision of a General Surgeon. My duties included dressing changes, obtaining patients medical history, inputting progress notes and assisting the physician in obtaining instruments or supplies he may need, often accompanying him to OR. I have also worked for a Technician for a medical supply company since April of 2008, casting patients for a wide range of custom made Orthoses. My duties included assessing the patients’ diagnosis and making recommends to doctors concerning treatment options. I especially enjoyed being stationed at the wound care center at XXXX Jewish Medical Center where I learned a great deal about different types of wounds and how to treat them. I thank you for considering my application.

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