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PA Masters Physician Assistant Studies, Indian

I was small when my cousin died from a congenital aortic stenosis. Heartbroken, I came to relive the experience over many years later as I observed countless underprivileged cardiac patients in India who would soon die from lack of adequate medical care. I see the medical care giver as noble, which has inspired me to pursue a career as a PA. I have begun my studies as a paramedic, and look forward to having the opportunity to prove my study skills in a very rigorous program such as yours.

.I have volunteered at a hospital and later at an ambulance corporation, and I have had the privilege of attending to a wide variety of patients with many distinct characteristics and challenges.  I hope very much to be accepted to your PA program because of the profound joy that I experienced from connecting with people and serving their medical needs.

 Having known since childhood if not adolescence that I wanted to make my mark in society as a health care worker, I enthusiastically launched myself into the study of the Physical Sciences and earned my undergraduate degree in Biological Science, putting in a lot of extra effort and taking very heavy course loads in order to complete the BS Degree in only three years, during which I also became a licensed EMT.

 As a certified EMT officer, I provided initial diagnoses of patients and performed emergency medical procedures. The skills that I developed were based on my natural strengths: connecting with people and empathizing with their pain, so that I could treat them most effectively. By having this profound privilege of saving lives, I am especially grateful to the opportunity to give something back to my community and assist those in real need of succor.

 After making up my mind to pursue a career as a PA, I soon began shadowing one, Ms. Stacy Entin, during all her shifts for an entire week.  I was able to deepen my appreciation for both how important but yet how difficult it can be.  I realized how crucial it is to spend quality time with patients, making the patients feel comfortable so as to receive and provide adequate information and background for an accurate diagnosis, maintaining all communication channels open, thus paving the way for healing.

 I am convinced that being an excellent PA requires almost limitless passion which is my greatest strength. I most look forward to and derive my happiness from direct and sustained patient interaction; I treasure the fact that it is the PA that gets to spend the most direct time with patients, and this is what I thrive on.

 I am especially interested in doing research in Cardiology and would like very much to build a professional specialization as a PA serving with a distinguished cardiologist.  I am especially enthused about recent clinical trials that explore different ways of avoiding transplants using LVAD or RVAD wire.  I am convinced that in due course, such promising techniques will make healthcare both more effective and less invasive, at the same time that it becomes increasingly affordable for almost everyone.

 The Physician Assistant program at XXU has a well-designed curriculum that balances academic education with well supervised clinical practice experiences in a variety of disciplines and I am very excited about the opportunity to study in each one of these disciplines  In the clinical practice sessions, I shall hope to build upon my volunteer, EMT, and shadowing experiences while learning about a broad range of perspectives and strategies, and technological advancements for increasingly advanced medical care. 

 The MS program at XXU will provide me with the education and experience that I need to become a PA at a hospital and interact with a wide variety of patients.  Throughout the course of your program I also want to spend a significant amount of my free time devoted to the study of cardiology, especially advances in heart surgery, so as to be prepared for entry into an exhilarating career at the cutting edge of medical advances in cardiology.

 In the long term, I would like to move into a management position in a state-of-the-art heart hospital, helping with research as well in the areas of cardiology and surgery. This would be what would most reward my spirit. I also want to do everything that I can to help bring healthcare to the underprivileged; this, in particular, would provide me with the highest possible levels of professional accomplishment; fully actualizing promises that I have made to myself for my professional future. I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program.

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