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MA, International Political Economy, African

I feel that I am a strong candidate for a career in International Political Economy because of my profound dedication to the cause of creative, progressive, socio-economic and political change and this is why I am applying to the XXXX programme.

 From childhood, I have been concerned with sustainable development. This concern led me to develop a profound fascination with the study of the inequality between developed and developing countries and a search for creative directions in which to foster socio-economic and political development on an international level. Building upon my academic foundation in Management and Political Science, coupled with my interest in the economic recovery and stability of Central and Eastern European countries, I now very much want to acquire skills to skills that will be necessary to identify and critically analyze key factors that shape our economies, especially developing economies.

 The XXXX programme will provide me the optimal set of core analytical and technical skills to understand how political institutions develop and the processes and public policies that shape operate the impact of global political economy on national and local levels. I especially look forward to in-depth analysis of the political economy of urban development, which will be vital for tackling the evils of corruption that have arrested developmental efforts in my native Nigeria as well as most of Africa.

 I have had several valuable working experiences that have helped me to mature and refine my communication, analytical, data sampling, collation and interpretation skills. I learn quickly and adapt to new environments under great pressure and I have a very strong international work ethic. I love challenges and exploration and I am highly computer literate and an accomplished multi-tasker. During my undergraduate days, I served in a variety of leadership positions, acquiring invaluable skills in seminar coordination, social advocacy, grass-roots mobilization, and negotiation. Having undergone several training courses with the World Health Organization (WHO), I developed competence in providing technical support to government officials and other international organization partners in the planning and implementation of projects.

 Having worked as an Independent Consultant for four years with the WHO, I have vast experience in the monitoring and supervising the delivery of primary health care services. This opportunity has given me direct access to the public and afforded me a platform from which to evaluate and examine the processes involved in policy enactments, implementation and as well as the public perception of these policies. Educating and mobilizing the public concerning participation in government developmental programmes and projects has been especially fulfilling.

 My long term goals include someday establishing a non-governmental organization. Currently, I work as a researcher in development and marketing. This experience has greatly heightened my awareness of critical environmental issues and the need for sustainable solutions at the global level. After completing your program, I hope to find a position within an international organization that will allow me to work for sustainable development. I especially look forward to working to enhance corporate social responsibility and to develop mutually beneficial solutions between companies and governments that will enable us to protect our natural and energy resources.

 I especially what to attend your program because of it is a multidisciplinary approach to questions of economic development, especially the technical classes during the second year. In addition to my passion for the study of economic development, I have always been devoted to the study of history, especially recent processes of globalization. My special competences include my advanced communication and coordination skills, and an advanced foundational knowledge of the social sciences, especially the science of economic development. I also have a long track record as a volunteer worker and social organizer. Most notable in this regard has been my work with Student Action, helping homeless people in British Manchester. I always especially enjoy refining my teamwork skills as well as my ability to work independently.

 I am intensely interested in harnessing the power of science and technology for the development of new economic models of advancement that will protect our environment. I feel very strongly that your program is the right place for me to fulfill my goal of learning as much as possible about sustainable development. I am enormously attracted to your visionary mission of providing thoroughgoing, intense, and exciting research experiences for students. As a senior majoring in political economy, I have prepared myself well and have a solid academic foundation upon which I hope to continue to build in your program. I have also studied French throughout my years of undergraduate study and have developed a basic competence in the language. Nevertheless, I am convinced that the strongest aspect of my application is my heart, my profound desire and  determination to make a difference in the lives of the least fortunate by preparing myself to be an agent of progressive socio-economic and political change in Nigeria and Africa.

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