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Masters International and Development Economics

I am a 24 years old Chinese woman who lives in San Francisco. I am like my city, young, progressive, and cosmopolitan. Born and raised in China, Mandarin is my first language. My English has made enormous strides since I arrived in America; and I have attained an intermediate level in Spanish, especially conversation. I am highly verbal, dedicated to the celebration of multicultural diversity, and a team player that always seeks to arrive at consensus across cultural divides. I am now a senior at XXXX University and my major is International Business. I will graduate in August of 2012 with my Bachelor’s Degree.  I have passed the IELTS examination and I feel strongly that I am now ready for graduate school.

The greatest contribution that I might be able to make to society would be to use my knowledge and the skills that I will develop in graduate school to help developing countries move towards prosperity through the creation of job opportunities and an improvement of lifestyles, especially through the protection of the environment. I live to discover potential business opportunities that are sustainable and planet as well as people friendly. I have been to Japan three times and stayed for a month each time. I also spent three months in Australia and a full month in England; I have visited Belgium, Holland, France, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Maldives. I have learned a great deal about the cultures of English-speaking countries as well as the way that English serves as an intermediary language among non-native speakers. My travels have made me a citizen of the world who is highly sensitive to the importance of cultural mores and the way that this is relevant to business communication in our global world. Working on behalf of our family import and export business in China during my summer vacations from college has also helped me to mature and develop my professional business demeanor and critical judgment. Our company is an import and export company in China and this position has helped me to better appreciate the limitations, as well as the opportunities, for developing countries to work to close the gap with their more developed counterparts. I am keenly eager to learn and to try different things. I particularly adore learning about the economic challenges of Third World countries, theories, methodologies, and I am hoping to be accepted to your distinguished program so that I will have the privilege of undergoing a rigorous academic immersion in these areas. I like to jump out of the box and thinks things out according to likely contingencies.

I look forward to working with several companies over the course of the next decade or so, serving as an economic analyst or investment consultant for international companies, setting up new branches and solving financial problems. A Master’s Degree in International and Development Economics will help me to fully understand many complex issues in economics that are burning in my mind. The University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate studies due to its stellar program and elite social network of development professionals. My undergraduate studies in international business at XXXX University have helped me to grasp much of the big picture, enough, at least, that I am fully confident and certain that development studies is the correct career path in order for me to be loyal to my closest held ideals. I especially appreciate the focus of your program on the market forces that affect developing countries.

My freshman year at XXXX University was also my first year in the United States. Going to college in English was mind blowing. And it took me a long time to begin to improve my grades. Thus, I do not feel that my grades accurately reflect my potential to excel in graduate school, especially since I continue to make constant improvement with respect to my English abilities.

By my junior year, I started working harder than ever on my courses because I was beginning to see that I wanted to go on to graduate school. My grades began improving and last semester, I finally made it to the Dean’s List with a 3.95 GPA. I realized that anything can be accomplished if I had spend101% effort on it. A new environment and new people are no longer a great challenge to me. I always just delve into research concerning whatever issue that I might have. I always look to find the key to the puzzle. My passion for helping others helps me to progress, especially as part of a team. Sometimes I have been stubborn and I am cultivating greater flexibility.  My greatest weakness has been my lack of professional experience here in America. As an international student, I have been having a very hard time finding internship opportunities. There were many times that the supervisors appeared to be rejecting me because I am neither a citizen nor a resident of America. I know that work experience is very important to help me apply what I learn into reality, and it’s also very preferable for applying to graduate programs.

As a result of my coursework in my Import and Export class, I received my professor’s complement on a creative project. My project was to sell the Woogie in Japan. Woogie is a speaker built in iphone and itouch case that looks like a stuffed animal. My target markets were children as young as 5 and young female adults. The reason I chose to enter the Japanese market is because the birth rate in Japan is low. People are willing to spend money on children. Also, Japanese young ladies favor cute products. This special iphone case will not only protect the iphone from breaking but also get parents engaged with their children because it is a story teller as well. I thank you for considering my application.

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