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Master's Degree in Data Base Management

I am an organized person. I am the one friends come to for advice on how to organize, say, moving house or a class reunion. I have a natural ability to recognize the necessary steps, records, resources and potential pitfalls in a situation to see everything through to a successful conclusion. Everyone needs to do this in life but, I suppose, few of us have a natural flair and enthusiasm for creating and maintaining order in situations where a few omissions, errors or lack of foresight can result in chaos. I seek a career in which I can combine this natural love of order and a desire to help others and to share knowledge of my passionate interest in psychology in which I hold a bachelor degree.

The fulfillment of my academic ambitions has been delayed due to the necessity of caring for and supporting myself and my mother. This situation has changed for the better and I find myself able to pursue my ambitions. However, I certainly believe that my working life has provided me with skills and knowledge that are directly transferable to the program and the career I now seek to pursue. I am the Database Manager in my current employment because I am regarded as being particularly skilled in creating and maintaining information recording, processing, and retrieval systems. I have progressed thus far through the demonstration of such other skills as; planning, scheduling, supervising, training and, not least, in interacting successfully and amicably with clients and colleagues at all levels over a 15 year period.

I recognize that a successful career in Information Systems requires a readiness, indeed an eagerness, to be of assistance to others. I have worked successfully in the worlds of administration and hospitality, which have provided excellent training in dealing with people of all kinds. Exceeding client expectations, putting yourself in the client’s shoes, and anticipating needs are major keys to success in the industry which I always seek to demonstrate and look forward to carrying these attitudes forward into my new career.

Understanding people has long been a significant interest which is why I chose Psychology as my bachelor degree major. I am also an active member of the International Honor Society in Psychology and attend conventions in the subject in my local area. I believe that the study of Psychology is useful in almost all areas of work and has provided me with useful skills and knowledge which will assist me both academically and professionally.

My chosen course of study in Psychology was completed almost entirely through web-based courses, which provides evidence of a self-disciplined approach to my work and studies.

I have studied Spanish and I spent a very happy and useful month in Spain honing my skills in the language. While my language skills are currently rusty, it is my firm intention to revive them as time permits.

I would be very interested in undertaking or assisting in research into the methods by which information is presented and organized and their effects on the proper understanding and accurate retention of that information. My ideal job would be to work at the Cummings Centre for the History of Psychology. I would apply the skills acquired in the program, together with my characteristics, to enable psychologists to explore the archives, to unearth those buried studies, statistics, records, etc. of most interest and possibly to use those archives as sources for research of my own.

To summarize, I believe that I have the necessary academic ability, skills, knowledge, background, and enthusiasm to enable me, not only to succeed in the program, but to excel. I am sure that I am able to bring highly relevant and useful insights for the benefit of other students. I can assure the reader of very enthusiastic and diligent participation in the program, if admitted to it.

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