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PHD Information Systems & Operations Mgmt

Your doctoral program at the College of Business at the University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate school because it is the most exciting program that I have found in terms of innovative thinking on the cutting edge where Information Systems meet Operations Management. I am a young man from Saudi Arabia who has established himself in his field by earning a Master’s Degree in the USA in 2012; an excellent student, I will also be fully supported by a scholarship from my government throughout my doctoral studies. I especially look forward to contributing to innovation at UXX’s prestigious College of Business throughout the course of my doctoral studies.

I am now most comfortable studying and working English primarily because of the year-and-a-half that I spent improving my English skills from July of 2009 through December of 2010 at an English institute in Orlando, FL, USA. This laid the foundation in my mastery of English so that I was able to complete my Master’s Business Administration Degree from the University of XXXX in December of 2012).

I believe strongly that developments in Management Information System (MIS) are still at an early stage, and there is a huge space for development in both theory and practice.  The rapid advancement in information technology creates many promising opportunities and solutions for businesses that I hope to be an integral part of for many decades to come: social media, smartphones, sensors & monitors, videos & pictures, the Internet, and many new data generating modalities that have yet to be invented. I aspire to become on of the most recognized experts in MIS in Saudi Arabia and to develop new analytical tools and solutions for businesses through my ongoing involvement in numerous research projects.

I am applying to your highly distinguished PHD Program at UXX because I want to distinguish myself as an academic researcher and teacher in the field of Management Information System (MIS). Earning the PhD in Business Administration – MIS, through your highly esteemed Business College will provide me with optimal springboard upon which to further advance my career by providing me with both the theoretical understanding and methodological skills that I will need for a lifetime on the cutting edge of research in my field. I am particularly attracted to the way in which your program at UXX thoroughly promotes an interdisciplinary understanding of the complex ways in which business technology can affect an organization’s behavior, structure, and function. I see your program as the most solid foundation possible with respect to concepts of design, development, and use of information and communication technologies in an organizational setting.

After completing your program, I plan to return to Saudi Arabia and devote myself full time to a heavily research-oriented university. MIS is a fledgling academic field in Saudi Arabia, as the age of the oldest MIS department is only around 10 years. These days, however, we have nearly 30 MIS departments in Saudi Arabia with a shortage of highly-qualified MIS professors. Thus, there is a tremendous demand for MIS professors in academia as well as MIS professionals in industry. As an MIS professor in a Saudi university, I look forward to filling a critical role in the development of my society by training new generations of MIS professionals.

In many ways, Saudi Arabia is still a developing country but it has enormous promise as a result of rich natural resources and an increasingly well educated population. For some time now, the government has investing very heavily in the areas of both education and information technology. The country now is striving to implement e-government strategy by integrating IT and developing information systems in many public sector organizations. As an MIS expert, I will be involved in the country’s e-government initiative, helping to successfully design, develop, implement, integrate, and manage information systems nationwide.

Many businesses in Saudi Arabia are integrating IT and implementing information systems in such a way as to improve decision-making, operations, communication, thereby gaining competitive advantage. Businesses in Saudi Arabia still lag behind the West, however, in terms of IS implementation and IT integration. We hope to catch up to some extent by addressing our weaknesses in the KSA in terms of professional training, infrastructure, culture, finance, etc. I take pride in thinking that I am doing everything that I can to prepare myself to contribute my all to the economic and technological advancement of my people in Saudi Arabia.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program.

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