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Masters Finance, Canada, Hong Kong, UK

I am a very serious young who is ambitious and hard working. At only 22, I have come a long ways towards my goal of becoming a business professional and I look forward to a long and prosperous career on the cutting edge of finance. While born in Canada, I was raised in Hong Kong, which I see as my p…

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MS, Masters in Finance, Africa, Australia

Born and raised until the age of 15 in Ethiopia, I am a young man who will always have Africa in his heart, despite the fact that I have now lived for 17 years in the USA. Eventually, I want to return to Ethiopia and work towards African economic development thorough greater participation in the int…

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MS Financial Engineering, China

What began as an  outlet for my nurturing, compassionate nature and reaction to my disappointment with pure research, nursing and the assorted challenges that nurse anesthesia would and indeed did bring has proven what I feel I have always known.  My heart, acumen and sensibilities are exactly where…

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