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MS Engineering Medical Devices, Iranian

I am an electrical engineer who has recently immigrated from Iran to the USA. I want very much to continue my studies on the graduate level here in my new home, California. It has always been my dream to be able to contribute to saving lives through the development of more effective medical instruments. I am currently employed in this area and my employer has recommended your program at UCXX for further study that will assist me in making increasingly valuable contributions to our company.

 I find the unique mix of Engineering, Medicine and Design very exciting. I love the rapid growth and tremendous potential of device design. I look forward to a lifetime of research in numerous applications on the forefront of the worlds of medicine and technology. In addition to the application of design technology and the latest biomaterials technology in developing implanted biomedical devices and computing and telecommunications. To help you understand my current professional goals and research interests better, I would like to first explain my educational experience up to this point.

I have graduated from the Computer Engineering department at Islamic Azad University from Iran. I have always passion to design, it covers all area such as accessories for computer to medical devices’ and even architecture. I have always thought to modify the design of products to be more convenient to consumers. I started as IT specialist in some company and started to web designing. After a while I found out that my inclination for web designing is not something that satisfies me. I like to create real things. I want to be a device designer and I want to create them related to technology. My decision to pursue graduate studies in Medical Device Engineering was the natural culmination of my undergraduate coursework in computer engineering and having familiarity  with design software such as CAD,  Corel Draw, Free hand, Photoshop, etc. I started my job in XXXX Medical industry. The company that offers the most extensive product line of functional supports for body in Iran market place. Very soon in the company I was transferred to R&D department as Technician looking for new products in the world web market to bring it to production line in Iran. Having a passion to design lead me to modify some of the products design to an improved and upgraded one. Company manager encouraged me to take an Anatomy course in Medical school as extension. With having basic anatomy knowledge I got a promotion to modify products to consumer satisfaction point comes from feedbacks. Seeing that my grandmother and grandfather using the products that I modified and they are happy with that it is really satisfactory. During the two and a half years of my work in the company I gained a deep understanding of various fields in computer design, new materials and consumers satisfaction related to each other. My last two years before immigrating to the US had been elapsed in the Runiran Company that Manufacturing Volvo Bus in Iran. I started working there as computer in design technician and after few months I turned out to be production line quality controller in interior design department. I was working with interior parts used in bus interior and modified several parts to fit to production. I also took courses in The Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran that helped me a lot to modify the parts based on Iran Industrial standards.

In late 2008 I had great opportunity to immigrate to the US as a winner of Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery program called DV program.  I came here to bring new life to my family and also continue my education with finest standards. With coming here I had to face lots of difficulties, I had to look for job in the rescission time and It was tough. I started to work in the XXXX Corporation. AMETEK, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices. I started to work as Electronic and Mechanical Assembly of Elgar Ruggedized Uninterruptible Power Supply used in missiles, air planes, spy planes, etc. Also I did quality control of the device and final inspection of Sorenson DC Power Supplies. It was good for me I learned the manufacturing policies and standard in the US. It was surprising to me and also I deeply understand why products ‘Made in USA’ are the first choice of consumers in the world because manufacturers follow strict rules and procedures to meet US standards and ANSI. Unfortunately I lost my job  in this company because I had to go to my country for few months and when I came back to the States the XXXX company was not in a good  financial situation so I looked for another job.  I found a new job with the XXXX Diabetes Care I work.

The Tandem’s t:slim™ Insulin Delivery System is the smallest and first ever touch-screen insulin pump. The design is very slim compares with competitors’ device and also is very easy to use and user friendly Working in the company with enormous enthusiastic to technology and consumer like design encouraged me to apply to your great program in the UCXX. I am very fascinated with health care products and always look to find best and new design. I believe that patients in using medical device in their regular life should not feel that they are extra to them vice verse they should feel them as a part of life. Also I noticed this importance of medical devices in patient’s life two years ago when my wife was pregnant and she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She had to use the special device several times a day to monitor her blood sugar. I imagined redesigning the product to be more convenient to use and with no pain and bleeding.

I went to XXXX Diabetes Care as insulin cartridge assembly and within a month I transferred to engineering department to assemble new bag ironing and “Nipple” welding machines for production line. And now I work with R&D engineers as R&D Technician. I run various tests on insulin cartridges and other Engineering Investigations for new upcoming products. Having a design passion and experiences from my country helped me to grow in the company very soon that it supersized the co-workers. My manager offered me a position as electro mechanical design technician recently but they waiting for company fundraising. Talking with engineers in the company about your elite program they encouraged me to apply to this great program that help me grow in the company and gain tremendous academic knowledge and combine it with my past experiences make it unique. I have  the opportunity to use state-of-the-art software design program called “Solid Work” and simulation tools in the work place .My Manager told me Medical Device Engineering is the way to go at UCXX, it enrich your horizon, go straight to the point.

I believe that graduate studies would provide me with the opportunities to attend advanced courses and be the stepping stone to my career in designing medical devices. Graduate study at UCXX holds this promise for me. The quality of the faculty, courses conveniently offered Friday/Saturday, the diverse areas of ongoing research, the carefully designed depth and breadth of courses, cultural diversity in the graduate school, seem to me as the right ambience to nurture my interests and work towards my goal. It would be a matter of great pride for me to be a part of this rich interdisciplinary interface program.

My strengths are a strong passion to design products and modify them to consumer point of view and follow the standards, sense of teamwork, integrity and ability to put in sustained quality effort consistently. It is my desire to have a mutually beneficial association with your University and to contribute my best to the field of Medical Device Engineering. I am aware that UCXX has high standards for admitting students to its graduate programs and I am more than willing to take some prerequisites if I admitted to the program to gain more knowledge. I believe that my academic credentials together with my work experience and potential would help me gain admission to the esteemed Department of Medical Device Engineering at UCXX. I hope that on reviewing my application package, the University would be convinced of the same. 

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