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MSc Electrical and Computer, Chinese Applicant

I am currently finishing my BSc in engineering degree in the Department of Electrical and computer Engineering at University of XXXX and I hope very much to continue on to graduate school. While originally from China, I have made Toronto my home because I love the city very much. I could not imagine being anywhere else that would make me so happy as to have the privilege of continuing on at the University of XXXX as a graduate student in the department of Electrical and Computer Enginerring at the U of X.

 I have devoted my undergraduate studies to the development of electronic devices and computer hardware. I hope very much to be accepted to your program because I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of electronic devices and circuits, along with hardware systems. My short term goal is to complete my Master’s Degree with your highly esteemed program and then gain adequate professional experience as an electrical engineer in the chip designing industry. In addition to English, I also speak Chinese (Mandarin).

 My service as an intern has also helped to prepare me to excel in your program since I had the privilege fo serving with AMD-ATI in Toronto for 16 months as a Hardware Validation Engineer and this experience serve as the foundation for my development of a broad range of professional skills. I have greatly come to respect and appreciate multicultural diversity, and have traveled to a variety of cities in California, and Nevada, New York and Arizona as well as Sydney, Adelaide, and Melborn in Australia. I have also visited other cities in Canada as well as China. I have been living here in Canada now for 7 years and I am very eager to go to graduate school as a result of my high level of motivation and dedication to my work. I seek to follow a long tradition in my family of professional investigation into electrical devices and circuits as well as hardware systems.

 I now have advanced professional experience resulting from my participation with various projects that have helped me to advance my sense for design, testing, and verification procedures as well as communication skills. In my digital system course, as a project leader, I led a small team of two to develop and test a computer-based game design using Verilog Language and communicate digital signals between I/O and FPGA machine. Instead of using the t provided VGA port, I designed and built a VGA port with a supporting circuit to improve the resolution. We demonstrated our final project by writing reports and providing an oral presentation of the the design to our colleagues and professors using PowerPoint. Completing this project helps to support my application to your program as a result of the experience that I have gained in design, verification and communications, which were of strategic importance for this AMD position.

 Having worked as a leader of a software web server project has given me to  opportunity to create and improve the advanced design flow using C++ language to communicate with different users through the internet. I also employed the parallel programming system to maximize our team efficiency.

 My experience in China’s military helped me to become highly disciplined and proficient at time management, I deeply understand and respect the meaning of team work and discipline, which always drives me  to excel in the creation of positive energy so that I can animate my colleagues to perform at an optimal level. I am an enormously hard worker and this is perhaps my greatest asset.

 My 2 month living experience with Chinese troops, arranged by my high school, was also a foundational experience for me.. We ate and received trained with soldiers everyday in order to experience the solid spirit and strict discipline possess by each soldier. I feel strongly that I will benefit for the rest of life from this experience because I now know how to treat others and benefit from the experience of respecting orders and surviving in extreme conditions

 My 16 months of internship experience as an electrical engineer with AMD, one of China’s two biggest semiconductor companies, has also very much helped to prepare me for your program. I am confident that my skills and experiences will enable me to make important contributions to your excellent Master’s program where I will give my all and very much hope to excel, becoming a valuable asset to your team. I would like to meet with you to further discuss my qualifications. Thank you for taking your time to review my application.

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