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PHD, Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership

I was born and raised in China and now live in Fresno, California. I am fluent in both Chinese and English and am an experienced teacher.

 The problems apparent in the Californian educational system are, to some extent common to all systems internationally. However, in the third world countries such as my own and India for instance, education is so highly valued culturally that such problems as the educational ‘drag’ imposed by disruptive students is virtually unknown. I see this as a major problem that must be faced and cured for the benefit and progress of the majority. Peer pressure among students in underdeveloped economies is to be near, or at, the ‘top of the class’, the pressure on many students in the United States appears to be the opposite.  I believe that with the training and research opportunities offered by the program and my own background and cultural experiences, I might be able to assist in the formation of useful insights into this major problem.

 The Californian system also has to deal with the teaching of children from multiple ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Some of the children, especially those who are of the first generation of third world heritage will share their parents’ values as to the high worth of educational opportunity whilst those from other cultural backgrounds may not.  I believe that it is not impossible for ways to be found to transfer the values of one group to others by various strategies over time. I would hope to be able to ‘add value’ to the academic community by researching ways of doing so.

 I hold degrees in both Education and Communication and believe that this combination would be extremely useful in the program for which I am applying and also in reaching successful conclusions in my chosen areas of research.

 The reason for this application is basically a passionate and long held interest in education. This began during my first teaching job in China between 2002 and 2005. I have taught in both the US and China and have taught a wide variety of age groups. I am aware of some of the advantages and disadvantages of the two systems of which I have experience. I believe that I can provide useful insights in having such wide experience. The program will benefit me by giving me a strong academic underpinning in identifying areas where change is needed and in managing such changes.

 I have learned and demonstrated leadership skills in my tenure as Chair of the Chinese Students’ Association at Emporia. I held this post successfully for two years. I learned to delegate well and to create, organize, oversee, measure and to motivate those tasked with various projects.  My classroom experiences have provided many examples of problems overcome. I have successfully dealt with problems posed by class organization, choices of teaching methods to be applied in differing circumstances and in ‘sparking’ students’ interest. Please see my comments on page 1 for examples of critical thinking on improving educational policy. In obtaining my academic qualifications to date, I have become a confident user of computers and am familiar with its application to statistical theory and other models. I undertake to apply myself fully to completing the program and will devote the majority of my time to doing so with passion and enthusiasm.

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