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Masters Counseling Mental Health, MSHS

Whether or not I must forget the past is immaterial, I know that I never will.  As a recovering addict, I have committed myself to lifelong treatment.  Moreover, through my eighteen years of work within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), I have and never will let my own rise, healing and struggles to ever have been in vain.  I feel that my dedication to others and their own pursuit of happiness can be traced back to my grandmother, a wonderful woman of color who stirred the embers of my empathy and compassion for others into a fire within me, my passion for helping others at all costs.  Her humility as a homemaker belied the social engineer, a woman who through various acts of community and family services proved her own belief in the good of everyone around her.  Picking up where my grandmother left off, my late friend Dennis, a paranoid schizophrenia sufferer, consistently gave me the hope and courage I needed to never give in to the darkness that threatened to consume me.

 While I have had my own assorted difficulties over the years, studying to become a Mental Health Counselor will help maintain my perspective while I aid others through their own problems.  Mental Health Counseling is particularly exciting as it offers a multitude of paths from which to develop my own specialization.  Moreover, the Mental Health Counseling Program will not only increase my own abilities and value in the workplace, I will be able to reach out to others at a higher level than ever before.  Indeed, for nearly two decades of dedicated service within VA, I have seen a distinct and growing demand for quality Mental Health Counselors.  My desire to fill that need has never been more powerful.

 Earning my Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling will enable me to bring my goals, aims – my dreams – to reality.  Specifically, I want to be instrumental in meeting the mental health and vocational rehabilitation needs of US veterans returning from Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom within VA.  Upon building my exposure, I plan on expanding the scope of my career to include consultancy work, and or owning and operating my own private practice, specializing in a number of counseling areas.  And yet, all of this sounds so clinical compared with my ultimate aim, which is to inspire my son, who so bravely deals with his own mental illness.

 I bring with me to the MSHS program a solid foundation in Gerontology, Kinesiotherapy and Physical Education.  Coupled with academics, I have extensive professional experiences, including direct patient contact as a Kinesiotherapist, treating patients with a multitude of disabilities including mental health challenges.  While employed as a Residential Counselor, I strived to educate and support others in their personal development, work that gave me the greatest sense of personal and professional satisfaction, confirming my compassion for others.

 In order to prepare for the opportunity and challenge of the Masters of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling, I have joined the coaching and mentoring program at my workplace, improving my own skill set as a mentee.  Mental Health Counseling is a truly multidisciplinary profession, and I feel I reflect this ideal through my diverse undergraduate and graduate experiences, while my professional work will bring excellent real-world examples to the SHS classroom.

 XXXX is my sole choice for academic development, a school that stood out to me as the curriculum embraced a holistic approach, treating the whole person.  I eagerly anticipate my time with SpringfieldCollege, and the chance to give that much more of myself to the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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